Friday, 16 April 2010

More of the walk

Carrying on with my walk round to the point & back, here are some of those blood red rocks - what a color mixed with the lime green of the seaweed, my next collage combination.

Looking across the Sound to the mainland left of Ben Sgritheal
(Screel) is the Sandaig Lighthouse, Gavin Maxwell writer of Ring of Brightwater lived there but there's not a trace of his ruined house left.

Our dog makes a walk even more worth while. He just loves the water, couldn't keep him out if you tried! The houses behind are on the opposite side of the bay to us. It's lovely looking out at night seeing all the lights, even tho we are remote here we're not alone!

Walking a litle further there are these wonderfully seaweed draped rocks, looking quite surreal. I look at them & immediately see a textile piece - I'd possibly use artistic licence & add in the lime green & blood red. 

Looking further into the water are more colors. Tam & I walked thru here so I waited a minute listening to the curlew (we only ever see one) & the oyster catchers who certainly make their presence felt. I like the bubbles, anyway.

Next time I might even get to the Point!


cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi, more great photos, with lots of inspiration I'm sure, the weathers looking great have you had any ash...... Have a great weekend ju x

Laura said...

beautiful many visual treasures:)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos as always. Such lovely rich colours. Your dog looks like he's having fun too. Thanks for sharing such a lovely walk. Lucky you to live there. Enjoy the weekend.

ArtPropelled said...

We have a few Gavin Maxwell books and loved reading about the area. Lovely walk!