Wednesday, 7 April 2010

April squares

6 April squares for 6 April showers - I'm sure there have been more than 6 showers, we had a real hoolie on Monday, raging wind & rain, a perfect day to be inside working. A complete contrast to Easter weekend when we were out in the garden in brilliant sunshine. Lots of visitors about, things are looking good.

The first two squares are bits from my box & chocolate wrappers from  a friend; (she didn't share it with me!) denim for a cuff - I was trying to make some cuffs with the denim - I have more than 10 pairs of jeans the kids have grown out of - but I need to invest in a denim needle, methinks! Easter sacrifice, the underside of a ripped label with paper that was wrapped round packets of fags. Being an 18 year ex smoker I object to using anything to do with cigarets but how could I resist that color! I might make an anti smoking statement collage using all the lovely papers I come across at work!

The last is flower doodles - I got the last 2 mied up as I doodled in a brief idle moment on Monday, then on Tuesday I had a wonderful day of yoga before going to work Tues pm. A friend I take classes with arranged it as our yoga teacher goes away for about 5 months over the winter & we sorely miss her. She just got back in time to join us which was lovely, changing from teacher to pupil. My friend is training to be a yoga teacher & I'm hoping she'll teach thru next winter. The day was fabulous & as well as stretching, chatting, relaxing & eating we went a little into the chakra (sp!) which I know so little about, they are within us in certain areas & each represent everthing from joy to intelligence to creativity & the point of sayig all this is the symbol of each chakra is a lotus flower, the petal count & color varying depending on where they are. I didn't know this & altho I don't know how to draw a lotus flower I drew my little flowers the day before the class &  just felt a little bit of a connection...I'm rambling, but isn't that what a blog is for?!


Numinosity said...

What a great project. I like seeing what develops and all of the different materials and themes.

Anonymous said...

Almost 16 year ex smoker too. All packaging is fair game, even fags. Like your Easter cross and blue theme going. Your heart chakra is definitely open, ain't yoga grand, always makes me want to sleep after so I do it at night.


Marion said...

That collection of six make a perfect composition in their own right. 360 - wow. What a lot to inspire. Looking forward to seeing them appear.

Linda Stokes said...

Love seeing your progress with the squares.
They look great - are you going to display them all together at some point?

Aditya said...

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cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

I love the first one, and then I read its chocolate wrappers lol trust me to pick that one lol ju x

artymess said...

Hi emma my favourite is the first square too ....I enjoyed reading your post of course it's a place to ramble daughter has just qualified as a yoga teacher she spent 6 weeks in India 4 of them on an ashram training it was tough but she passed in the end she has a spiritual name of Sarasvati Alice ..he he ...she is a professional singer and uses Yoga to aid breathing ....have a great day ...Lorna ( sorry I rambled here too)

Laura said...

I seem to have developed tendonitis or some kind of over use injury in my left wrist and hand...making typing painful for I might not be blogging as much for a while... this includes commenting on your amazingly inspiring blog-and this is soooooo hard for me. (this is kind of a form message I've typed and am copying and pasting at all my customary blog hangouts. But I can still read your posts- I will be present to you in a quiet way-reading and viewing your words and images, and leaving a simple ☺
to let you know I have dropped by and am thinking about you.

Gentle steps,

Anonymous said...

You are too funny with your comment. Some french knots and a little herringbone stitch. Maybe just some duct tape if I get too tired...