Saturday, 1 May 2010

A month of Squares

Happy May Day!....or not, depending on where you are. Nothing happens up here but in Oxford, where I grew up, thousands of people would gather by Magdalen Bridge to listen to the choir sing from the tower at 6am. Most had been to a ball the night before.Seemed a perfectly normal thing to do to me but when I moved to London all those yeas ago,I realised it was fairly unique happening. Memories!

The last 6 squares of the month.

Can you guess what the first one is? The second, cigar rubbish, some sweet wrappers from the staff room - yes, I had to eat them first! My friend from Buckinghamshire, the village where I lived for 6 years as a stepping stone beweeen London & Skye came & stayed with us to look for a house here. I took a day off to be a support & have a nosy ;)  Finally, some seed sewing is taking place! And on the 3rd day of looking, a house was bought! Well, the long process was started. It deserved a toast - the best of luck to you!

Another month gone. I'm surprised that the squares have become more of a diary recently, perhaps because sometimes when faced with a simple 3"x3" committment I can find only a physical reminder of what I've been doing that day to use, perhaps influenced by some of the wonderful journals out there in blogland made from the "Remains of the Day". That's a great title of a class, isn't it?  & I've enjoyed seeing some of the videos, can't think of any links really, except Jo Reimer had a video.(in the blog roll.)

The garden is certainly coming to life, along with the weeds! Lots of rain recently & a bit of sun with some stunning rainbows. I need to make some time to finish off the winter clear up (yes, in May!) & carry on with the seed sewing. We do have a couple of weeks grace up here, but any later & the shorter season will mean things don't ripen. I'll do what I can do.

What do you think has eaten my beautiful Fritilaria?  :(  Earwigs?

Not much light in some of these pics, sorry.


artymess said...

i Emma the first square looks like a print of something knitted or crochet ....Lorna

Anonymous said...

Happy May Day to you. I love seeing the month of squares all together. They really do make a visual journal, remains of the day for sure.
Fritilaria I just love those. We don't have many since we have so many deer to eat everything I plant what they don't eat. Your garden is looking lovely. Nice to visit with an old friend. xo

artymess said...

Am I on the right track that it's a print then ???

Jo Reimer said...

Emma, I SO enjoy your squares and together, showing all for the month, they are even more impressive.

Laura said...

Emma I love the "Remains of the Day" idea! I've recently offered a suggestion to a client to collect found goodies on the side of the road to work with in a small collage journal as inspiration for new colorways and pattern ideas (she's a print designer) this is another possible twist on that, thanks! Your squares are always so much fun and having them be a diary of days is just terrific.

You May Day growing up sounds like so much fun...nothing like that where I grew up or live now.


Numinosity said...

Every time I see your squares it make me want to take on the challenge myself but I haven't done it yet. They are always so intriguing as a grouping. So many visual moods are conjured by your varied squares.

Heloise said...

It is sometime since I was at May morning celebrations. It is always a great atmosphere.

The last square caught my attention this time it reminds me of being in Paris, many years ago enjoying some of that said champagne.

It is the dandelions that are growing faster than any thing else here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,
Your squares are fabulous as always. Our fritilarias have just been devoured by slugs! Off to put out some organic deterrent now!