Sunday, 30 May 2010

Birthday card No 6

no. 6

My 6th birthday postcard is from Norma Bullen (nee McPherson) a friend of Ro Bruhn. I was delighted when Ro put my swap on her blog & suddenly I had people wanting to swap from Austrailia, the UK Sweden & Denmark. Others have since come from Linda at Blue Eyed Girl & Mixed Media Julie. I'm delighted that everyone is putting my postcards on their blogs - I feel totally famous!

Norma doesn't have a blog but is lucky enought to have regular sessions with Ro, over there in Victoria. We can enjoy all this vocariously & I'm so glad the slow tantalising opening of these cards is appreciated by more than just me & my family - they do try to get out of earshot as I open them!

To her card!

This is inspired by the outback & I can just imagine walking thru these lovely colors, as intended by Norma; soft to the touch, embellisher felted & beaded with sparkles.

This card is wonderful, I feel warmed, thank you

I have had some great comments - the clematis does well here - even tho a thug if it's hardy, I'll have it (well, within reason) . Yes I would gladly come to New England to plant one!

Hello to sparkly fairy, I can't see your blog!

This is the first collage that's come out of the postcards & in the true spirit of a swap I've given it away to my good friend Jo (no blog or computer even!) who's birthday is tomorrow. We had a delicious lunch & she brought the cake - I was going to make one, honest ;) Excuse the glare, I really should take the pic before I foil it.

I'm behind/missed seed sewing but I had my first rather unripe strawberry from the greenhouse 6 days ago. Today they were sweet & juicy. I've got 3 pots I bring in early spring & lots of pretty flowers on the plants ouside.

It's still sunny & a breeze to keep the midges away - I'm off out to get the cabbage plants bought last weekend in!


Trudi said...

SweetiePie told me about your birthday 'cards', is it too late to sign up, I think its a wonderful idea and would love to make you something special :)

Julie said...

What a gorgeous card from Australia and your postcard for your friend is beautiful. Guess what? Yours is made! I shall get it into the post after the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful touch of the outback, makes me think of the movie Australia, which I saw not long ago, and the lovely Hugh Jackman!!!
You gift to your friend is wonderful. Glad you are enjoying this so much!!!

Kelly Warren said...

emma, i've just caught up on your blog. look at all these wonderful postcards! wow! they are all so inspiring! i started working on a few today. :-)

Dot said...

Love the card Emma has made for you and the one Ro made too! I made a postcard for you over the weekend and will post it off to you this weekend. So nice to see everyone creating such lovely cards for you (and you creating gorgeous cards for them).
Dot xx

Lorraine said...

lovely card..that top one reminds me of Ayres rock

Sylvia Ballerini Jewellery said...

Your postcard from Norma is lovely - she does beautiful textile work. Your postcard swap to Jo is enticingly colourful, Emma.

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

wow again lol, cant wait for my birthday now if this is what happens lol another fantastic card love the colours and a real feel of australia, Have a great weekend ju x

Ro Bruhn said...

This one's great Emma, I know Norma well, she does wonderful work in many fields.