Monday, 31 May 2010

My 7th birthday postcard

I opened another  card today from Linda Stokes at Linda Stokes Textile Artist (blogroll)

It is exquisite, more lovely favorite colors & all that stitching, fabulous.

I am overwhelmed with it all.

I had the great honor of photographing a Wren for the first time thismorning, I barely even see them, usually just hear them. Is she not the sweetest little thing, just hanging on to the edge of the urn?


Linda Stokes said...

Glad you liked the card Emma. I've posted yours on my blog too. Good idea to open one each day - makes it even more of an event!
& you've received beautiful ones.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, makes me think of a little village by the sea. Sweet wren, so hard to get those birds to do what you want them to do isn't it!!!xox Corrine

Julie said...

Stunning card! I love all the stitching. Ow lucky to get a photograph of a wren, they move so quickly usually.

Crissi Harvey said...

wow another pretty you must be so excited to open up these delights every day,Im starting on yours tomorrow fingers crossed it turns out ok.

Unknown said...

You would know that I have to comment on the wren sighting. Aren't they the most adorable little things? I couldn't tell for sure -- is yours a House Wren? As opposed to the Carolina Wren that comes to my house? Or is there a European Wren? Hope you have a bird identification book that helps. Mine just covers the Eastern U.S.

Jill said...

I love the stitching on this one - the little squares look like windows - I think I'll get mine in the post to you soon. What a wonderful way of spreading your celebrations.