Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My birthday Postcards

My brthday postcards have started to arrive! I am beside myself - I asked Beate what she is doing, opening them before her birthay? I can't have them sitting there wating.. for a whole month! I've always opened them as they arrived - my D's family put the date of the birthday on the envelope 'for June 24th' & he had to wait. Well, of course it's for that day!!

But 3 have arrived, just now! What to do? My heart was pounding, I want to make this excitement last, I will only open one a day, from the top, as the postie hands them to me. Oh, the anticipation!

The first is from Jackie Bowcutt, at Stitchworks (blog roll)
It is absolutely beautiful, the "Lamentation of Leaves", I am so delighted!

There are even a couple of kisses & a hug in there, & so many falling leaves.
Thank you, Thank you.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful watercolor fabric with stitching! What a great idea to open one a day, like making your upcoming birthday last and last! Go for it....xox corrine

artymess said...

hey Emma I couldn't wait either just go for it you have 50 so there will still be some left when your Day comes ....xx

Julie said...

It's a beautiful card, Emma. I don't think you'll have a problem with when to open mine ;o) Its still in the thinking stage!

Jill said...

How exciting - can't wait for you to open another one!!

Dot said...

Hi Emma
Found you through another blog and thought I would visit and say hi. I would love to make a postcard for your birthday! What a great idea! My email address is createarian1@yahoo.com.au and I live in Australia.
Love the card you received.
Dot xx

jackie said...

I'm pleased you enjoyed receiving it, as I did mine. Only one a day though, or you will get just too excited!!

Catharina Maria said...

Hello Emma ,

You have ask me to make a card for you , and yes I will do that , I will do my best for it o.k ??

Love from ♥RINI♥