Friday, 21 January 2011

Week No 3

Thanks so much for all the helpful advice last week. I have free machine stitched & love that freedom (altho sometimes I'm running along & wonder where exactly it is I'm going!) I discovered that, in trying to get the bobbin thread up so many times, the screw that holds the needle in became loose from the little 'arm' that's on the embroidery foot & I guess because I didn't notice, it's actually bent the needle holder 'shaft'. Or something in there did! So the needle isn't straight. Still stiches fine. Something to fix next time I can be without my machine for a while....!

This week's collage is a simple one. I made these first for last year's (09) Christmas Craft fairs & they did well, & in the studio during the season. Everybody likes 'smalls', something affordabe, a nice little gift. I also need to justify the beautiful plants in my garden, as I probably said when I showed the other variations last year! *(edit - just not the rose petal one!)

Compile all your bits & pieces - you can have as little or as much as you want.

An oatmeal & a terracotta colored piece of Lokta paper, burgundy acrylic paint, you coud try mixing that with a little bit of Alizarin Crimson (;) )  & gold thread & your chosen leaf or flower.

I've found that dried flowers - rose petals, hydrandgea & Acer leaves fade quite quickly & hope that by sealing with gel medium helps. It's also possible to paint the original color back in once you've seal it with the gel medium - the paint takes better. You could also seal the paint with more gel medium or acrylic wax.

Meanwhile prepare the background by stitching down either side of the terracotta paper & then the silky fabric. I used gm again to stick the leaf to the fabric & pressed it  over night under books, first placing a non stick plastic over the leaf. (remove very carefully)

Then stitch the leaf down, either loosely following the veins as here or outlining the shape. If you haven't used enough gm the leaf can crack - if you use too much it lifts/bubbles by the stitch & turns white. I find colored rubon waxes gently brushed in helps.

This is a commission from '10's craft fair, to pair up with the 3 rose petal one*; hope she likes it!

So, I'd better go & work on my plans for the workshop I've been asked to do at Rag Tag n Textiles, based on recycled fabric, of course & we get the use of their machines. I'd like it to something functional & frivolous, a notebook cover, a cuff & a brooch, all in one. Any tips on what makes a good great workshop would be appreciated! I know I need a sample or 2 to look at & touch & a materials list 'you will need' so I'd better get on with it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Emma, this is an interesting piece of work here. Will it be as a hanging or framed? Thanks for your comments re The Wedding! Don't leave your sewing machine too long without a service/repair - they are so expensive to get a new one these days.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh when Spring comes (if it ever does!) I am going to have to give this a try with some of my leaves.
Beautiful and stark---I love how the leaf is the total center of attention.
Very nice!


ju-north said...

Hope your workshop goes well - you're sure to inspire people!

Jensters said...

Lovely work Emma...thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog....answer to your question....go back to my blog and where it says that just underneath click on 'LinkWithin' and this will take you through it...hope that helps x

Numinosity said...

Hey, I saw that Alizarin wink! Good advice, yes?

I bet these were winners at the shows because it reaches across to the folks that might not "get" some of our obsessions with all things worn and rusty and doodads.

Thanks for the tutorial. it's a winner.
xoxo Kim

Anonymous said...

The leaf is amazing Emma. Love this piece. You will be wonderful in your workshop, just be yourself! xox Corrine

Julie said...

It's a beautiful piece Emma! I'm glad you sorted out what was wrong with the machine. Hope you can get it fixed soon.

Jill said...

Love this, the stitching on the leaf especailly. I'm sure your workshop will go well - I would just say have an emergency supply of 'must haves' so those who forget to bring their own can buy them. Too expensive to supply every one with 'bits'.

Sue M said...

Oh Emma, what am absolutely amazing collection of work - and inspiration - you have posted. I have been remiss and not looked at blogs for ages - Christmas, New Year, friends, family, summer... but am hooked again, drawn by your creativity.

Unknown said...

Lovely piece! Hope your workshop goes well! :) x

Heloise said...

Good luck with the workshop and preparations for it.

Mail Art Dramas said...

okay, truth that a pot leaf?????
just having a bit of fun...but others were thinking it too! I was so engrossed with thoughts of you having marijuana in your garden that I need to read the helpful info again to understand it. It looks like a project that I would like to do.
love your work!

jackie said...

I'm pleased that you are progressing with the free machining. Probably best to ditch the bent needle though. Good luck with the workshop.

Maggi said...

The commission is lovely. Beautiful simplicity.

layers said...

Beautiful collage and best wishes for a successful workshop experience.

Chris said...

OMG, I have so many leaves and I've never stitched them!! This is a revelation!!!