Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Sketchbook Project

By the skin of my teeth I have finished my sketchbook & will send it off to Brooklyn tomorrow. My DH & I were allowed to make it a collaborative effort but as a few others found, it was quite difficult to start but with the deadline looming hugely, here it is.

The cover, I'll probably stick a title plate on just beore i put it in the post tomorrow. Torn strips inspired by the 'muse' bit in Cloth paper Scissors which finally arrived yesterday.

printed Acer leaves & painted papers I already had

DH - across the sound, Bein Sgritheall (that hill!)

painted papers, found papers, my little drawings of houses in the village (mine's at the top ;)

an interpretation of the sea, my carved stamps on scraped acrylic

an interpretation of a rainbow, my torn ribbon stitching!

my version of a landscape, monoprinting & scratching

DH - Isle Ornsay Lighthouse (ok, it's a mile away ;)

DH - stream by the house (we removed a neighbors house - well it wasn't there when we built!)

DH - boats passing down the Sound

My garden?

simple stamping

my simple tree sketch

recognise this? printed it off too big by mistake & thought 'perfect!'

love & flowers round about

DH - herons & oyster catchers in the bay

DH - across the bay to the Sound

print from a piece of seaweed, I'll 'name' it tomorrow...

swallows on the wire

There you have it. I really enjoyed it once I'd got going.

Sad to see it go, maybe I'll do one for me, now I know I can.


Jill said...

What a treasure, no wonder you're reluctant to part with it.

Beverley Baird said...

What a gorgeous piece of artwork! I can see why you are so sad to see it go!

Katie said...

What a wonderful sketchbook- really beautiful stuff in there. Maybe I will see it here in Seattle.

Jan said...

At least you have all of these photos of it. Wonderful work. I didn't know your DH was an artist too. Well done!

jan said...

Gorgeous sketchbook, I was sad to see mine go too!

mano said...

what a wonderful sketchbook!!!
it's so sad, that it must travel so far away from you - but soon so many, many people can have a look to it. great!

ju-north said...

Wonderful - a kaleidoscope of your life there!

Mail Art Dramas said...

Yeah! you finished!!! And it's BEAUTIFUL!
It will be a show stopper. I love the cover. I had a vinyl cover. I hope what I put on the front of it stays on...the bar code wouldn't stick. I put a note on it asking for it to be replaced.
Your husbands sketches are so good and your colors and fun make the sketch book a visual treat. Well done!

Numinosity said...

Wow! How I hate deadlines myself. Thanks so much for sharing it here. it's quite and accomplishment and a wonderful portfolio of your combined talents.

xoxo Kim

Heloise said...

Wonderful collection of art in all sorts of mediums.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a collaboration, this came out grand. Glad you finished it.
xox Corrine

Julie said...

Well done for getting it finished. It is beautiful and the combination of your DH's sketches and your textured work is excellent. You'll have to do another one to keep.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Its beautiful, especially like the monoprinted landscape and the postcard from Heaven's Ocean. I just finished my sketchbook today. Skin of the teeth springs to mind! Glad to get it finished and sent off. Have a nice weekend over there.

Linda Stokes said...

What a fabulous sketchbook & a great collaboration - well done both!
Also wanted to let you know my prize parcel arrived - thanks so much - lots of treasures to make art with.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous sketchbook! At least you have photos of it before you send it off, it looks amazing! :) x

JP said...

I'm not surprised you're sad to see it go - it is lovely - it is nice to know others will enjoy it too

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, Emma, this is so fantastic! I love the variety and the two sensibilities in the same journal! Isn't it odd sending it out? I felt lost, but like you and someone else I know, I immediately started a new one just for me! It was a great exercise, wasn't it? I hope to see yours in person in San Francisco!

Seth said...

This journal looks wonderful. A great collaboration. I will look for it when it comes to Brooklyn!

Lorraine said...

love these sketches they are excellent

Chris said...

Emma, this is so filled with goodness! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to catch up and see it. You and DH ROCK!

It's so hard to let it go, isn't it?