Thursday, 6 January 2011


Adoration of the Magi, Christmas comes down, a tiny present for the boys. In honor of the youngest going camping (!?) 2 nights ago, with a few mates who are part of their World Challenge trip to Mongolia in June, I gave them a small metal pocket torch, (you can never have enough light when camping) & a huge bar of toblerone chocolate, well, it wouldn't fit in their stocking ;)

The middlest has no work at the hotel at the moment which is good as he's planning his working/holiday trip to New Zealand & Australia next month. As a physical release from too much planning he asked me for a project. I said I was desperate for a door so he made me one!

He's pretty much a hands on kinda guy, only a couple of questions for his dad & asked the youngest to hold one or 2 pieces for him. My friends down the road have had these corrugated iron roof pieces leaning behind their garage for me for...years! Behind this working woodpile screen is the compost & oil tank area, only about 5' deep - we can talk to our neighbors when they're up over the compost heap (she calls me the compost queen ;) but with my new door I can shut away the world & sit peacefully in my 'courtyard to be' I'm delighted!

I'll get him, & the youngest (when he wants/needs a break from studying for his prelims later this month) to dig some trenches in the grass stripped, marked out bed around the lawn at the back. We've been here 10 years but without a windbreak for the southwesterlies there wasn't much point in planting...till now when it's grown up, so its a case of removing stagnant earth & filling the trench with a mix of found soil (from local builds) a bit of the de-stoned (within reason) original soil, bought compost & my homemade compost. A laborious process, so great to have help from strong lads keen to keep fit. One day I'll be in the position to have a 'no dig' garden, but it's not just yet. I can feel myself starting to get excited about bringing the garden to life again!

I had a wonderful package in the post today, my win from Maggie Grey her fabulousl "silly bird" brooch. I just love it & have put it on my black cardigan-coat showing it up beautifully.Thanks Maggie!

I must ask her if that's a script stamp, or a newspaper transfer behind the brooch, Id love to get that look...I'm sure she'd tell me or it would make a great article for the wonderful Workshop on the Web - see the badge top right of this page - Maggie gave me easy to follow instructions to get that there ;)

Right.better get on with the collages!


Anonymous said...

Love the door, very resourceful and the woodpile wall. Something about stacked wood always makes for a wonderful pattern and very soothing just to sit next to. I like that you are the compost queen, there are so many worse things to be and all the joy that compost will bring to your gardens come Spring. Fancy broach, enjoy wearing that happy bird. xox Corrine

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love doors, especially one with some age and what appears to be a story to go with them, and I have a case of *door-envy* right now!
Love the texture, the wood all about---very nice photo!


Julie said...

That's a sturdy looking door, Emma and lucky you to have won Maggi's brooch. Her birds are delightful.

Jan said...

That looks a lot like the type of building we have here around our place. Plenty of recycled materials being used, as well as firewood! Good boy!

The brooch, well, I thought it was a bikini bottom at first. I used to have one that resembled it. Possibly I still have it buried in a drawer somewhere, but it will not be touching this old bottom again in this lifetime! Your brooch is gorgeous, I'm sorry I have just sullied the enjoyment of it with my little aside;-J

Anonymous said...

Love your woodpile wall and what a great recycled door. Sons can be very handy to have around! Sounds you like you have a treasure there! The wee brooch is gorgeous. I would love to learn how to transfer text onto fabric. Will have a look at Maggie Grey's workshop on the web. Have a creative and happy 2011.

Unknown said...

Love the door, a very practical son by the sound of it! I like the firewood walls either side too! The brooch is so pretty, congratulations on winning it! :) x

Mail Art Dramas said...

how many days until spring?
nice brooch, lucky you!
have a good day,

Heloise said...

Love the stack of wood and lucky you having a son to make you a a gate.

Linda Vincent said...

Hi Emma
Sorry I've been missing for a while...I'm trying to catch up with my fav blogs! Love the brooch - well done you!
And it sounds like you brought those boys up very well...I'm impressed!

(-: Happy New Year to you and your family :-)
Linda x

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Happy New Year. I love the brooch