Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a really Happy New Year! Had a lovely time last night, nipped down to some neighbours in their holiday cottage about 11pm after enjoying Grumpy New Year on tv. Great mix of fireworks around the village & one on the shore & we could see them from 2 nearby hotels.

Yesterdays news - December squares!

I missed one & admit to 'batching' one or 6 at the end there, a la  Wen Redmond via a Quilting Arts Daily newsletter on using up scraps. What are my squares but scraps!
 The next row up are flowers made out of loose bible pages found when tidying the charity bookcase at work. The next 2 & the middle 2 above were made when collaging into The Sketchbook - will I be finished by 2 weeks time? (that's why i didn't tell anybody I
 was doing it!) The rest is the usual clearing up my desk & sticking it all down, Christmas cards  & practicing some embroidery.

So my sad attempt at a mosaic of the 12 months, too tired to get it better - I will work on it!

July is lacking a bit, it kind of got missed in the fallout from actually becoming 50 & going away. Not an excuse, just fact. I'll photograph the books they're kept in soon, I can't believe I have a record of nearly 360 little tiny collages. What a great year. And I've loved all this world wide surfing this last year, too. Plan to do a lot more! I love blogs that share bits of the persons life, the inspirations, a little bit of sharing of the process of creating , walking thru their gardens & where they live. Some of the many 'challenges' would drive me nuts but some look great, I'll be browsing the sketchbook challenge, certainly.

This year's personal challenge? Simple; a collage a week, if not 2. One for the studio wall in the hope that we have a successful season come the Spring, & one to put aside for a solo exhibition I'll be having in September.  That's enough to be going on with don't you think?

Thanks everybody, for being here in my little world.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love the effect of all these pieces photographed together---makes another piece of art as a singular unit, and then all the components!
What a productive year you had (and 50 isn't bad at all~~now you're old enough to do what you want and not have to apologize!)


Lynda Howells said...

Being fifity is begins at fifty believe me. I am 58 and enjoying myself and my Art as well as my life.
We watched tv last night and l agree it was crap! But we had fun, just the two of us, a curry, a bottle of champagne and the London fireworks out of the window!
As l have only just found your amazing site...what started you on the square's idea?
xxLynda daily photo blog is at if u are interested!xlynda

Jan said...

What a wonderful remembrance of 2010 for you! I'm sure your eyes can skim over these pieces and remember so much of what you were doing when you created each one.
Happy new year to you, Emma. I look forward to following you this coming year.

Ticking stripes said...

Yes Emma - it was me. Love your squares. I'll be back to go through your old posts!

Julie said...

What a fantastic tribute to your years work, Emma! And think how much potential there is here for further pieces. So much inspiration. I hope you have a happy and successful 2011 and I'll look forward to seeing how you progress through the year.

Ro Bruhn said...

Such a fabulous way to remember your year, imagine the memories these pieces will evoke in years to come. Brilliant work. Have a very Happy and Creative 2011.

Jill said...

What a wonderful collection, plus your 50+ birthday cards - you've certainly got some great mementos of 2010.
All the best for your 2011 project.
Happy New Year
Jill x

Anonymous said...

Emma they look great altogether. 360 birthday collages, that's a pretty big book of keepsakes. A collage a week, no problem for you and a solo coming up how exciting. Something to really look forward to in 2011. xox Corrine

pea said...

Squares look amazing!Fine idea, creative...i like it!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

It's great to see all your squares together Emma. We are hoping to visit Skye again in the Spring. I can day dream about it now that it's January : ) Hope you see you then but looking forward to keeping up with your blog in the mean time : )

ju-north said...

A great achievement! and don't they look great together!

Heloise said...

A wonderful collection of which you must fell very proud. I am sure you will make at least two collages a week. I shall look forward to seeing them.
Happy creating.

Anonymous said...

Your mosaics are brilliant. Love them. Hope you have a successful and enjoyable season ahead. We hope to visit Skye again in the Spring and may yet manage to meet up with you! All the best for 2011

Laura said...

Happy New Year Emma. I am so impressed with your dedication to create a collage (nearly) every day this past year!!! They are a wonderful record of your life in color and texture and appreciation of the small things, the scraps and bits that give you pleasure. Not everyone has the gift of seeing what others would discard as treasure!!! May this year be one of continued creativity and gratitude for the tiny treasures, and all of the blessings that are stitched up in the memories of each day that you assemble a collage.

Mail Art Dramas said...

Happy New Year! I to have enjoyed dropping in on blogs that share the creative process and a slice of life. You and your Birthday swap were my reason to get a blog. Thanks so much, it opened a whole new world up to me. Looking forward to reading about your adventures in 2011.

mano said...

what a wonderful, amazing work in 2010! you are a very creative women! I wish you a happy new year and I'll be very glad, to see new collages of you in 2011. mano

Laura Johnson said...

Happy New Year and thanks for brightening up my interwebbing! xo

Maggi said...

How lovely to see all those squares together. I am looking forward o seeing your collages this year.

jackie said...

Sounds like you are nearly there with the Sketchbook, well done.
Its ordinary bleach,but it may be worth trying the compressed sponge, which does have more texture.

Linda Vincent said...

They look fabulous Emma! And I especially love the fact that you just used bits and pieces of your everyday life.
Hope you achieve your dreams this year. Can't wait to see you in the spring :-)

ArtPropelled said...

The first thing I do when i arrive on your blog is scroll for squares and I'm never disappointed. they are your trade mark Emma and I love them.