Thursday, 30 December 2010

The penultimate day

and the penultimate month of squares. What will I do with myself on Sunday?!

So the first row or 2 I was away in Oxford - there is a vintage fabric piece from the market, bought quite a long length of it, receipts, tags my dad had saved for me( what a great word, that is), bits from my visit to Heloise (thank you ;) & gallery flyers. It's dark , but next to the heart 3rd row down is from the day I finally, FINALLY free machine embroidered a piece of fabric that I wanted to use to make cuffs. ..without the whole thing either being dragged down the feed dogs or a whole reel worth of cotton ending up on the underside. I stitched, stitched some more & the machine kept going & altho I was thinking where do I go now ? it was just so freeing, WONDERFUL! I will practice of course - it looks like a 2 yr olds stitching but now it's worth me reading the '64 free machine design'  articles! Then I discovered after all this time that I already had a darning foot, read every word of the instuctions (for the first time) turned the dial to 'vibrator'  (!?)  & stitched the flower. Well. My eyes are now open. It was quite a moment for me.

The rest are all the usual suspects, the last piece is slathered in acrylic wax, my substiute for encaustic, well, till the little pot runs out ;)

It's rather old news now but I did love my doormat full of snow, the grubby lumps carefully smoothed out by the youngest when asked. I'll take a rubbing or 2 when it's dried out. We've gone to moist air & grey skys but we did have moon filled starry nights for such a long time.

Hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas or holiday time with family & friends as I did, or just a bit of peace & quiet & that those who had to work make it up to themselves somehow.

Tomorrow may bring December's squares if I can finish pinning them all up in time!


Marion said...

Hi Emma
Lovely to see all your squares again.
Good luck with the machine embroidery. I got a book on the same subject from Santa to re-acquaint myself, but it's been so long I can't even remember how to thread up the machine!
Happy Hogmanay from Fife!!

Jill said...

Love your squares, looking forward to December's. Next year you could always try our 2011 calendar challenge, which you could interpret in your individual style!
Happy New Year to You

ju-north said...

Happy New Year and many embroidery adventures to come!

Anonymous said...

You'll have to do every inchie Monday at Kris Henderson's blog along with more squares for next year! Happy New Year, ring it in grand. xox corrine

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, it just blows me away that you've done all of this, and that you're learning machine embroidery!

I hope 2011 is just as filled with achievement and inspiration for you!
I look fwd to see what you get going next!

Julie said...

In answer to the first question at the head of your post - start again! :-) Love your doormat! I hope 2011 is a Happy, Healthy and Creative year for you.

Anonymous said...

All the best for 2011, Em. I have a feeling that the new year is full of possibilities! xx

artymess said...

Great squares Emma ....happy New Year to you and yours and all the best for 2011...xx

Fenland Textile Studio said...

I love your squares. Happy New Year, stay safe and warm whatever you are up to this evening. Hugs Angela

Heloise said...

Happy New Year may it be full of happiness, good health and lots of creativity.