Friday, 3 December 2010

Another craft fair cancelled

due to sheets of ice about the place, but it's beginning to thaw today. I took these yesterday when the stream by us froze over.

I tried to print out some pics of ice to make some photo cards for the craft fair (before it was cancelled) but I'm obviously not using the right paper as they totally loose the wonderful punch you can see on the screen. I've been successful before using Matt heavyweight but not with the ice. Any ideas? Glossy photopaper perhaps?

Ben Sgritheal looking lovely in the sunset.

Not often you see a frozen high tide line.

We've reached the time of year when there's only 1 1/2 hours of sunlight (if it's out at all, of course) in the house & garden. I'm lucky enough to see it across the bay & it only lasts a couple of months or so before it's high enough to peep over the hills at the back mid Januarry, but I'm keen to be here on a sunny day, at lunch time so I can feel what sun there is in my home.This is one of the deer fence posts at the back of the garden (protecting the fields behind the house) showing the level of the sun on the left hand hill at 12.30 pm.

So, I'm up on stock (& down on cash!) due to the cancellations but at least I'll be around on Sat while my eldest & 'dil' are here, getting thru from Edinbro yesterday despite the weather, here for their early Christmas visit. The middlest & youngest are raging at the fact there is no snow here & feet of it everywhere else causing chaos! So, I'm still making one or 2 things as I have the opportunity to keep the table of the last craft fair for a week without haviing to be there. If people can get out of their homes, it should be good.

Some pics of the kind of collage which I started to make last year when I saw  Di Wells on Talking Threads. She used tissue paper, I used thicker paper that I already had with some fine chiffon type fabric. I love stitching thru paper with fabric, you can actually hear it...or maybe that's the poor blunted needle?!  I  like to make my garden work for me too ;) I'm pretty keen on this use what you have ethos, I was already one to use what you're about to throw away, anyway! This year, as last year I have only bought in the silver spray paint for my decorations tree & some inexpensive notebooks. Last year I completely covered them with fabric or paper, very labor intensive, this year I made a square or oblong to attach to the book. (I am still making squares, they're just for sale! )I will search out some more sketchbook like notebooks for next year. These are all stocking filler recession busting prices, something for everyone!

I quite like the reflections, they remind me of digital layers!

Decorations blowing in the breeze

Last but not least, last week I received Lorna's 'everyone's a winner' gift of a day of the dead atc. Scary, but I love it! Thanks so much, you must have had a sewing frenzy!


ju-north said...

Love the frozen stream photos! I would give glossy a try.

Lorraine said...

love all the frozen ice photos

Anonymous said...

Golly, don't envy you the cold and darkness of winter....stay warm. It is supposed to be summer here, but it is still cool and very wet.

Heloise said...

Great photographs and the tree of decorations looks wonderful. Just a thought about the printing as I know I forget. Did you check what the printer was set up to do.
Keep warm.

Suztats said...

Those ice pics are so wonderful with all the texture. I love your squares!

Anonymous said...

Great photos of the ice Emma, I find that if I punch the highlight, I can keep some of the detail when I print. There is so much going on in those ice photos. Sorry about your cancellations, but I am sure
you will do okay. It's been such weird weather in the UK and we've seen not a flake. The tissue pieces look like wavy glass, interesting technique.
xox Corrine

Numinosity said...

Ice indeed! So sorry about the cancellations, I know how that goes.
It's better than setting up and having no one show up though.
I've been thinking of you chilly folks and sending warm breezes fo the desert
xoxo Kim

Julie said...

Love all the icy pics. My DH has had to cancel a craft fair table this weekend as well because of the ice here. It's snowing again tonight too!

Your breezy decorations look lovely!

Jill said...

Love the icy pictures and your panels. The shining reflections make them look as if they are under ice too.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi Emma. That's a shame about the fair being cancelled. We were very fortunate to get last Saturdays fair out of the way before this snow set in. Love your ice photos. We have a mad big icicle out the back getting longer by the day!
Your covered note books are really beautiful! No doubt the snow is on it's way to you.

Unknown said...

Fantastic photographs! Never mind about the fair, at least you'll have stock for the next ones! Love all your makes! :) x

Laura said...

oh the ice shots are fantastic Emma...I have found a terrific online printer you might want to try...Their images are crisp, color true, but they are a little only disappointment, but WOW the photos look great, write to me privately if you are interested:)

Parabolic Muse said...

Wow, Emma. Those photos of the ice are so beautiful. Really make me want to texturize my canvases like that. The colors just don't stop, even though at a glance it seems high-contrast, the light is everywhere. Nice sewing too. You're right about those reflections.

I'm sorry about those canceled fairs. What a bummer!