Monday, 29 November 2010

A winner!

My, but it's Baltic here! I keep photographing Ben Sgritheal, but look at it, & us huddled in the dark under the hill ;)

Interesting ice tracks

The craft fair on Saturday was cancelled due to 'adverse weather' conditions - they might reschedule but I'm booked up! So instead my DH & I went to a print exhibition in the Isle Ornsay Hotel gallery An Talla Gearg. Pam Carter paints beautiful big vibrant pieces, travelling all over the Western Isles but based in Glasgow. She'd invited a jeweller & sculptor friend, a local leather maker & the next door tweed & jumpers shop to show with her & as I went to the opening instead of the fair I was asked if I'd like to add a couple of driftwood mirrors & some cards to the mix. So I did. My first few pieces in the local gallery! Something out of nothing ;)

So, to the winner. I was going to ask my dog but my kind & tolerant DH picked the winner instead as Tam would  surely have eaten the bit of paper.

Linda Stokes is the winner!

So, there we go. I won't be sending the leaves of course as I don't want to break any laws or get the package fumigated! Thanks for all the wonderful input, I really enjoyed my anniversary party & reading every one's ideas.


Heloise said...

Looks far too cold, hope you are keeping warm. Good news on the exhibition at the gallery.

Anonymous said...

Baltic here too. I think you sent some North Sea Wind our way yesterday. Congrats to Linda on winning your fabulous giveaway.
Stay warm. xox Corrine

Jill said...

Great to exhibit some of your pieces locally - hope it leads to more.
Hope you've got your thermals on!

Jan said...

Congratulations to your winner! Your doggie looks rather cold, sitting in the ice. That is about how it looks here too, although it is melting now. Good luck with your next craft fair.

Catharina Maria said...

Linda , congratulations with the give away .
Emma , I love the mountain with the snow on it !!
Love ♥RINI♥

Julie said...

Congratulations to Linda for winning. It looks very bleak up there! Keep warm and safe with all this snow and ice. I'm hibernating!

Laura said...

Congratulations Linda...and to you too Emma for having your work in the gallery...AWESOME!

suziqu's thread works said...

Although Baltic there it is a fabulous photo!
Congratulations to Linda for winning your giveway and thank you Emma for allowing us to celebrate and to play.
x Suzy

Linda Stokes said...

I'm very excited to be the winner - thanks so much Emma! It does look cold - big contrast to where I am. Great that you got your work into the local gallery - hope it leads to more.

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, I've been so behind on reading blogs, and I always apologize, but it seems like my schedule now is going to make sporadic reading a regular thing!

These pictures just slay me. And the doggy! How handsome she/he is!