Monday, 8 November 2010

Been doing some filing

& my wrist is nearly falling off! I do try & sort my photos as I go but the buid up is getting silly now. Then I thought I'd try a mosaic for my photos of Art in Woodstock - I got involved in changing a 50's type photo of a womans face into a mosaic using cat pics...interesting...but not what I wanted. Did some kind soul point me in the right direction of how to make a photo mosaic? I'm sorry, I've lost it in emails or comments.At the risk of loosing the use of my other wrist would you mind telling me again? Thanks!

A beautiful day in Woodstock, also a favorite place of my mother's so she didn't mind being worn out again. I was taken to meet a lovely, artisitc friend of hers then we visited 3 or 4 venues showing various artworks.

These beautiful ceramic mixed media pieces in the Woodstock Bookshop by Debbie Howard; she loves swallows on the wire too! Love that ceramic text.

I would have had any of these pieces in my garden. There were all over the Woodstock Museum's lovely  garden

as was the above by Rachel Ducker & Paul Mortimer, inspired by the work of Breast Cancer care. Amazing to feel the yearning coming off the figrue straining out of the ground. The pink ribbons were memorials.

 A little secret garden by St mary Magdalene

which was showing these beautiful hands by Sioux Blair-Jordan, woodcuts by Diana Johnson & paper sculpture by Kate Bufton. I was itching to draw hands & fold paper!

Hmmm, the flash isn't great but it's a record. These were for course work (sorry forgotten where for) by Laura Ralph in Hope House B&B. Lovely fabrics & mixed media. I hope I credited everyone correctly - I've got the brochure in front of me!

I came away from these wonderful displays inspired & feeling very much part of the art world. I used to drive my friend Lesley mad when trailing round exhibitions like this by saying "I could do that" to which her reply was, when she'd had enough "well, do it then!" So I did/am doing/will do!

Which leads me nicely on to delivering my work to Inchmore Gallery. I took 5 pieces & cards.

The first 3 are part of a series i started almost a year & a 1/2 ago, inspired by Ro Bruhn who I found while trawling the www & wanted to do a class with her, not realising she was all the way down under - inspiring, wonderful work. & Alisa Burke, another prolific & passionate woman & Cloth Paper Scissors (they're easy to find!) It started to come together thanks to all thse people. The top pink one was done specially as was the textile,  (you've seen the hearts before) I struggle with naming my pieces & as this was the first I've framed as opposed to sticking/stitching to bits of driftwood. it 's called Landscape 1. It could be 'from my window' There's a tiny bit of rock pool, Julie! I feel there are more of these to come - Jackie says we have shelves full of ideas in our mnds; we will pull some off.- & they are thanks to pouring over Quilting Arts mag & Workshop on the Web & the generosity of  this wonderful bog world.


Jill said...

What a feast of images! I have just had a nibble, but will come back later to enjoy all the details.

ju-north said...

Hope all your lovely work sells! It looks scrummy!

Jan said...

Now I almost feel like I toured the art places with you. Thanks for sharing. I hope your pieces are all sold already, it is hard to let them go though, isn't it. I don't even like pink but your pink hearts is my favorite of these you have showed. I agree that the internet and magazines are all so very inspiring, almost too much so as evidenced by my art work which is all over the place. I have trouble focusing on one thing. But I have fun as it looks like you do too. So many wonderful people I have met, all over the world through blogging, glad you are one of them. Oh, do you use Picasa by chance for your photos? I could tell you how to make a mosaic in Picasa, otherwise I'm sure someone else will help you.

Numinosity said...

It's funny that your hands can get sore from sorting but that's just what happened to me as I was sorting ALL of the letters I've received since the 70's. I had to rub liniment on them! ( my hands, not the letters)
Thanks for sharing your inspirations and taking us through on the art tour.
xoxo Kim

Beverley Baird said...

What gorgeous pieces you have created!
The tour was very inspiring as well!
Have a wonderful week!

Barbara said...

Hi and wow, I have been catching up on your posts and feel that I have been following you around. Your photos, work and work are wonderful and thanks for sharing everything!
Very best wishes,

Heloise said...

Lovely to see some of the art from Woodstock as I did not get to any this year.
Good luck with the sale of the collages, I particularly like 1, 3 and 4.
If you use Flickr, there is a tool to make mosaics on there.

artymess said...

Fab art work Emma good luck with it ....xx

Mail Art Dramas said...

thanks for the art show, all photos were enjoyed by me in a big way..they went great with my first cup of coffee. Your piece with the hearts sang to me on this dark morning.
Have a good day!

Unknown said...

I love the dragonfly on the wall, it looks fantastic! Your pieces are lovely, I especially like the third piece! :) x

Linda Vincent said...

Great photos Emma....very interesting. I will definitely go back for another look after this.
Your collages are fab too; I hope you do well.

I will email you re: the mosaic.

Jan Hennings said...

Gorgeous mixed media piece!

Jan Hennings said...

I missed the beautiful picture of the church window on my last visit! I LOVE this!

jackie said...

I usually go to Flickr Toys and use their mosaic maker. Looks like you have been v. successfully busy.