Saturday, 6 August 2011

It's been a much better week

Thanks to you all for such kind & sympathetic words last week, much appreciated.I've had a productive week, not least being the fact that I went swimming for the first time in years, walking out of my front door, down onto the shore & into the extremely baltic water ;) I had an audience of my disbelieving but impressed DH & the Youngest - I just knew he was thinking 'go Mum!' So I did. Actual gasping spluttering breaststroke until I was distracted (as if having my buns frozen off wasn't enough) by the purple flowers in the grass under the water. (not sure what they're called)

The tide was right up so I walked in over grass

& didn't even mind the feel of thas plantain tickling my legs (as a child I had a fear of swimming over reeds - didn't mind the leeches!)

You can hardly tell I'm shooting thru water but for the rippling mosaic effect here. Another lovely purple plant I don't know the name of. I've got to say I felt exhilarated, freezing & exhausted, after at least, oh, 10 mins of photos & breastroke (not at the same time ! ;) The youngest said the cold does that to you. Can't believe I've wasted such a resourse on my doorstep for so long - when I tried it before it was like a thousand knife points digging into my legs. Well, it still is but I felt the knives & did it anyway - inspired by our B&B guest, thank you Eva!

So this weeks hanging

Photographed in low daylight the terracotta looks a little intense (but you get the idea ;) My interpretation of Yarrow at the top, then Astrantia & a rambling rector rose at the bottom which is frighteningly realistic! See last weeks photo.

I haven't mounted or twigged it yet, instead I worked on another white flower hanging

The 'lighting' has gone a little haywire here, too - the top flowers are meant to be a lacecap hydrangea, I used undyed silk & they've come out half grey & half burnt out - they're somewhere in between those 2 colors.

 Then comes  little spikes of heuchera, dotted here & there, (ok, that's a white background)

then an umbellifer (or is it compositacea now (sp)?! It's like queen ann's lace but it chunkier than that, in the hedgerow, with purple pink stems - I should really look it up but my ice cream's melting & all those French knots have done me in!

 Hmm, this might not be the pink stemmed one, oh well. Anyway, not too happy with the fact it looks a little like a blown over stylised tree...At the bottom are some hebe, little white bottle brushes!

The 3 'white' hangings  look good together but I may go back to some color next week & I'll get on with the beads & twiggy bits. And another orange pink & purple one - today I sold the first one I did ;)

Welcome to my new followers, please add a link so I can visit & I'll come by after work tomorrow, hopefully, to those who have a link.

I nearly forgot to say I had a lovely surprise visit from Aileen at Aileen Clarke Crafts on Friday, on her & her family's way to Harris. She was very encouraging about my new work, seeing it in person & showed me her new Moo business cards & greetings cards, saying how well  some of my pieces would make good cards. It's on my very long list of things to do for the show, less than 5 weeks, so it was great to have her gently nudging me along.


Jen xo said...

beautiful work Emma, and how good you are to be swimming in such cold water....i used to love squelching thru seaweed [not that i should as there are all sorts of dangerous creepy crawlies out here....]

Beverley Baird said...

We've been swimming most days -it has been so hot here. Don't know if I'd like freezing water!
Love youo new pieces! What gorgeous work you are creating!

ju-north said...

Love your new work! You are brave to go swimming - we don't even attempt it in the North Sea!

Maggi said...

What beautiful clear water you have there to be able to take photos like these. The hangings are just lovely, very gentle but enough colour to make them interesting.

Jill said...

Full of admiration at the swim! You must be feeling totally refreshed.
Love the wall hangings as always, they are so 'free' and fresh,

Heloise said...

You are very brave to swim in the sea when it's so cold. Beautiful photographs.

artymess said...

wow thats brave I dont like the thought of swimmming over reeds either ......x

jackie said...

My youngest was frightened of reeds as a child but last year he did the channel relay, so perhaps this will be your next adventure!
Hope you enjoyed the link.

Suztats said...

I love your white hangings, Emma. They are beautiful and textural, and I am enjoying the inspiration as I work towards my second white piece. Hugs

Julie said...

No way would I have swum in that cold water! Well done you :-) Beautiful hangings!

Parabolic Muse said...

Wow. I had no idea that WASN'T Queen Anne's lace! I love that. Congrats to you for taking that plunge! If the water's less than 80, I'm a complete wimp out!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely. Somehow the white makes the other elements come much further forward. Well done for taking that dip!!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi Emma. Thanks for the mention : ) Was GREAT to see you and your wonderful work in person again. We thoroughly enjoyed our break. One of the highlights was jumping off the pier at Staffin! So exhilarating. All the best with the show. I met a fellow textiles enthusiast out on Harris and I sent her your way. A Dutch lady named Carla? Hope she popped in : )