Monday, 22 August 2011

Goodbye (for a term) to my Middlest

I didn't think it would be as traumatic the second time round, saying goodbye as the Middlest went off to college. He's studying Marine Engineering at the Glasgow School of Nautical Studies, part of City of Glasgow college, with the Merchant Navy as sponsors & the HNC/D will take 3 yrs as he gets to go to sea twice, which he'll love. The trip took longer than we thought, left after B&B at 11am & got back 11.30pm with a v quick visit to Ikea for frames - So, altho I'm emotionally & physically exhausted right now I'm sure I'll recover from 'almost empty nest syndrome'...soon .

Here's the card I made - I used the line, (changing it from a she to a he) ' he's leaving home, bye, bye' for the Eldest's card & I'll use it for the Youngest's, too!

I found a second hand nautical almanac, a chart from which I used for the ground
& then almost obliterated it with the blue acrylic! I do love the pearls of wisdom caught up in the net, if I say so myself ;) He didn't say 'thanks, bin it' he said put it on his wall - wish we'd taken it down with us for his 'cell' of a room - his word ;( He'll cheer it up ;)

A proud parental moment, my eyes are moist!
Couldn't resist having at least 3 boats in the first pic, (click to enlarge)
His college wasn't anything to write home about nor was the well organised residence just next door but you get wonderful architecture that side of the river, a facade in amongst crumbling decay.

A facinating disused railway full of trees coming from over  over the Clyde which flows along the back of the college

Wonderful bridges I'll explore next time.

This weeks collage. For my DH's 50th, I  made my first landscape collage & decided to repeat it (!) sharp intake of breath! Well, the first one is mine I mean his & I'm happy to share it by doing another one!

Ben Sgritheal (that hill we climbed, said 'Screel') with the Isle Ornsay lighthouse & the boat that WAS there many yrs ago. I'm proud of the origonal (Feb '10, see link above) & this one but it's difficult to 'do' it again! But I did it anyway, 2 more scenes

House on the shore


I didn't know much about linking then, so didn't give credit where due. I know the technique was in CPS mag & if I find it again I'll let you know. A simple drawing, painted over with white acrylic, then drawn again into the paint (I do a bit at a time so I don't loose the drawing - painting up to evey line takes too long) When dry slather with black ink. When that's dry, 15 mins to 1/2 hr, gently 'wash' under a running tap. The idea is the ink goes into the pencil lines but is resisted by the paint. I left quite a lot of ink on the paint surface for definition & I guess I should seal it or it could rub or flake off. One day I'll try this in color.

I also made 2 1/2 pieces similar to the creamy lacy stitched ones to replace the 3 I sold this season. So that's 5 nearly 6 this week! What will this pressure I'm feeling bring out of the depths this wek???!


Suztats said...

Love the collages Emma!
It can be hard saying 'Bye and letting go. Hugs

Maggi said...

You may be feeling that the parting is hard but you have given this handsome young man his wings to fly.
Love the landscape collages. The technique is really effective.

ArtPropelled said...

I hate saying goodbye and am experiencing empty nest syndrome myself so I think I know how you are feeling. Your cards are lovely and I love your lighthouse collage in particular.

Su said...

Lovely card and collages. Letting go can be hard but he's going to have a wonderful time (and will be home in no time really!).

Cate Rose said...

Love the collages, Emma. Your son is quite a handsome guy, I'm sure you're mighty proud of him. Have a good week. xo

Heloise said...

Hope your son really enjoys his training and course. He will return often I am sure. The collages are great, love the backgrounds that you have used.

Unknown said...

I'm sure your son will enjoy college, must be hard seeing him so grown-up and leaving home though. Your collages are great, I especially like the Isle Ornsay lighthouse one! :) x

Linda Vincent said...

That technique you described worked really well and looks so effective! Lovely cards.....

Your son looks so smart - sounds like an exciting course; he must be looking forward to getting started on it.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter how old they are, they are still your babies...Handsome lad he....the girls must be wild about
him. Great collages, love the bit of measuring tape and the fish in the netting. xox Corrine

Julie said...

Glad you got your handsome son safely to college, you're going to enjoy return visits to this stimulating city. (By the by, I travelled along the Clyde Valley once and was surprised by how beautiful it was.)

Your collages are beautiful. The effect reminds me of monoprinting. I do like the backgrounds you have created.

Beverley Baird said...

All 3 of mine are on theirown now. There are many times I do miss them, but this stage of my life is good.
Your son is very good looking -Iam sure he will do well and have a great time.
Grea collages as usual!
Take care!