Saturday, 23 June 2012

Is this the new me?

This is a pic I was trying to show you guys last week of the Youngest going off to his Prom - as I said, not a limo in sight!

This week has been spent with lots of B&B, even a few shoppers in the studio but I'm afraid altho I've rehung my pieces I haven't had the energy to sort the working side of my studio out! There are piles everywhere ;( We did have our work accepted by Skyeworks Gallery in Portree so 6 of my pieces & 2 of the DH's have gone up, well, the Youngest drove them up on the way to his gf!

Had to buy a new iron as the old one dove off the ironing board then proceeded to leak on my thin 'coat' that I'm wearing on Monday leaving pale watermarks. So I've rewashed's still drying & I'll iron it tonight.

So excited about having a little trip to Edinbro, only 2 nights away, but to celebrate he Eldest's success with most of the close family will be great. The Middlest went off to sea for 2 months earlier this week & I'm sure while he's bobbing about the middle of the North sea he'll have a thought for the family.

Wish me luck!


Laura said...

so handsome! my daughter's prom pics can be found here:

I know she'd adore meeting your never knows:-)

Julia Ionov said...

Aww, he's sooo darn handsome! I like this photo. Thanks for sharing this one. Keep posting please.
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