Saturday, 30 June 2012

Graduation of the Eldest

Well, I am unashamedly showing off these pics of my boy, I mean our boy ;) I was pretty proud of the Eldest before his graduation, but goodness, I'd find it hard to describe in words how I felt at his graduation so 'll say it in photos! (I don't mind if you skip thru fast!)

Ok so above was after the graduation
 pre graduation, proud parents

 the lovely supportive dil to be

 If you enlarge he's right in the middle looking this way - I've got to say the point & shoots round & about us were doing a better job than our heavy but adored Nikon slr. I didn't compress this one so you could see.

 Lovely backdrop to the proceedings

 Beautiful carvings
 and prints above my head - I'll be making a block of this.

 One for the frame on the piano? I didn't make the piano in my college days as I didn't get a degree, scraping a diploma instead. All my kids, whatever they get, will make the piano! (not that I have a chip or anything! Well, not any more ;)

 The obligitory door, a beautiful one at that

 This was above one of the doors, describing the 'tap' on the head as they pass, before they receive their degree.

The supportive maternal Grandparents by the gate to the Geosciences reception. Even tho they couldn't come to the actual ceremony they came all the way up to share in the celebrations. Annoying, too as all the way up in the 'god's' in the MacEwan building were hundreds of empty seats - I'm sure they could have filled them. They took us out for a wonderful meal at Whiski Rooms by the Mound, where Jay worked thru his studying the last 2 yrs or so. Delicious, really classy without any pretentions. We'd shared my birthday cake the day before with a delicious Chinese meal & the kind waitresses let us have my Mom's birthday cake there in the reseraunt - we're 2 days apart. Managed a pudding too, just!

Photos are wonderful aren't they? I feel quite choked up remembering the pomp & ceremony & really not too pompous at all, just a beautiful setting & wonderfully choriographed - the fact that this is MY boy in amongst all these achieving people, & having learnt over the years that there are many  kinds of intelligence I felt proud to be included. I shall enjoy these memories for many years.

Walked past some graffiti on the way to the ceremony, walking barefoot (couldn't walk in those heels, the lovely Rag Tag heels!) Shame thye've barricaded it tho who do they think it will stop?

 This was the same as the above pic 2 years ago

This was nearby 2 yrs ago but there was no sign of it this time

Went to Portree to  visit my work & the DH's work that was accepted for the summer into
Skyeworks Gallery 

You've seen these before - I'm just trying to give a sense of 'place'

My 2 in the middle the Lighthouse & Moonlight

 & Honesly & Hydrangea

the DH's 2 paintings beautifully framed by my arty buddies DH

I love this chair & the Helen Emmaus behind

 Some mixed media pieces, really nice by Natalie MacLeod, must look her up

 Tha cafe downstairs with my cards in the far rack. My textile buddy & i had a delicious pannini type thing filled with brie & tomatos, not a sandwich just added to the dough then baked, delicious & a great latte ;)

Last but definitely not least I won a giveaway a couple of weeks back from the lovely Heloise, 4 cards & a little ribboned tag - they;ll be going on my studio wall to be enjoyed greatly, thank you ;)


Carole Reid said...

Congratulations to your family, Emma! Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

Su said...

Congratulations. Looks like you all had a great time. The end of one era for him, now the next chapter begins :-)

Julie said...

What a wonderful day and your pride and excitement are tangible. You looked absolutely wonderful and I'm sure your son was just as proud of you both.

The gallery in Portree looks a wondeful space. I would love to visit one day.

ju-north said...

Congratulations all round! A great day to feel proud!

sue said...

Oh my goodness what an achievement! Congrats to you and yours Emma - Uni is a slog but worth it in the end. I am yet to attend a graduation - the eldest declined to attend hers so I really enjoyed sharing the thrill with YOU - even if it is vicariously! Sounds like you had a marvelous time sharing the occasion with your family too - which just makes it more special.

Jen xo said...

congrats to your son, looks likeit was a fabulous day and a great setting :)

Karen said...

Congratulations to you and your son, we also went to our eldest daughters graduation this week, neither of us went to uni, and I can empathise with your emotions. The "pomp" that accompanies these ceremonies is really worth the occasion! I also had to take my shoes off on the way back, but luckily I had brought along some flats to wear! Now they start the next adventourous chapter of their lives....

Kelly Warren said...

Congratulations to you all! And what amazingly beautiful buildings there as the backdrop. What a beautiful university.

Jill said...

Your pride in your son comes bursting through your post, congratulations to you all, on degrees, exhibitions and birthdays.

Robin Mac said...

Congratulations to you all - you are obviously bursting with pride, thanks for sharing the photos. Lovely to see your work in the Portree gallery too - what a super week for you. Cheers

Suztats said...

Well done all around! No wonder you're bursting with pride! You and DH are looking good! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Ah you look so pretty in your pink. Happy family with the handsome DH and handsome boy all smiles. Wonderful accomplishment. Funny you walking barefoot while viewing graffiti....xox

suziqu's thread works said...

Yes Emma congratulations to you all. You have every reason to be proud - what a very special occasion and you also look proud!
Thanks for sharing all of these with us, and also for your lovely comment on my blog.
Emma it is always lovely to hear from you and to read your blog.

Maggi said...

What a lovely photographic memory. You certainly have every right to be a proud mum.

Kim Henkel Creations said...

Beautifully photographed! Congratulations to you all!

Fibre frenzi said... must be very proud!

Nellie said...

What a wonderful occasion to celebrate! Graduations are special times.
Also, belated happy birthday wishes!

Kekoa Pika said...

Congratulations! Job well done. Those are very lovely and awesome photos. Thanks for giving us the opportunity of witnessing one of your joyous moments in your life. I am so proud of you and to all the family members.
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