Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Happy St David's Day!

Well, I just missed squeaking into February with a post despite there being an extra day ;) Happy St. Davids Day - I was able to pick a tiny Narcissi for the loved one who is half Welsh & well, you can guess the rest ;)

4 more weekly squares for Made on Monday with Kate Bridger We also had an article by Kate promoted by  Folt Bolt, thank you for that!

 Ben Scritheall (Screel)

 Heart (No 14 of course)

 Snowdrops in my Garden

 Circles - 
I'll take a better pic when there's some light - it's been great recently except for today when I needed it!

 The real Ben Scritheall

 Over to Raasay for the community project twice this month - above is as I was leaving Skye on the ferry. We're working on a huge hanging, a blue rectangle with the shape of the Island within it. There will be trees, heather, boulders, hills, bird & sea life, the language thru poetry, crofting,  fishing, people & places as many landmarks as possible. We've got our work cut out for us!

 This beautiful clock tower is for sale

 Lovely bridge we could depict somehow 

along with this beautiful wall

 Above, the kids work - I went into the school of 9 pupils & the 2 nursery children joined us, with the help of one of the Hanging Group, much appreciated & the welcoming headmistress & a helpful parent we did potato printing, monoprnting, leaf printing, drawing, & coloring - lots of the work was on a clever drying rack so I'll photograph that next time hopefully. The kids even wanted to include the stars & the aurora - inspired thinking.

 What a place for a playground!

 Beautiful Scots Pine

 These 3 pics show a few of us starting to work hard using inspirational books you may recognize to help us along.

Using a variety of media. Back again in 2 weeks!

 The 3 pics above are off the shore from my walks. The middle one is actually from the wood pile as it has woodworm & a bit of a scary face I think!

 I had time to make a few purses, the 2nd one as  a gift & I was inspired to make a card purse & camera case for ME

 Above is the  project I'm helping with in my village - making a hanging with, you guessed it, fundraising squares. A few cried off with the leurgy but I know who they are & the hanging for our own village hall which might have a wall for it in Spring 2017 will grow.   Baby steps ;)

Last but not at all least, look what I won from the Workshop on the Web giveaway - gorgeous silk threads - do you think they'd been here to see the colors matched exactly to the stunning landscape I live in?


Robin Mac said...

You certainly live in a beautiful landscape - and aren't your projects depicting it wonderfully. I love the children's work, you must feel inspired by them.
I am glad you had time to make something for yourself - your purses look great, and lucky you to win those gorgeous silk threads. Cheers

mano said...

a very beautiful post!! love your work and the wonderful landscape!
:-) mano

Carmina said...

I love yours works, as always they are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, such a busy February. Lots of wonderful work going on. Love that stone wall, but you have the best ones there don't you. Ancient and full of secrets. Fancy and fun clutches and bags. Miss seeing you more often. xox

chocolatefrog said...

Wonderful stuff! What a lot of different things crammed into a short month, great to read.

Beverley said...

Beautiful landscapes. Love the stone, and yes certainly like a playground like that one. so much variety of work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing me to your blog, Emma. I really love your creations, and you do, indeed live in a beautiful place. I do too, and it seems to me we are both exploring how we can translate our experience of our surroundings into art. I'm envious of your community project, too, that sounds like a grand undertaking - Sue Kelly aka "Sizzlewaggle"

Living to work - working to live said...

I really want to live where you live, though the commute would be a drag! The community project sounds grand.

Julie said...

Busy is not the word for it Emma. You're going to meet yourself coming back soon :-) Lovely work though and I love the snowdrop square.

Maggi said...

Love the 4 squares and you have such amazing inspiration all around you.