Saturday, 23 March 2013

End of Term

Last morning at college yesterday, I shall miss it! What will I do with myself?

We were encouraged to hear that we'll probably all pass (teach is marking the pieces over the holidays.) If I do pass I'll get a certificate for Level 5 which is an Intermediate 2, one down from the Higher exam that gets you into Uni up here, something like an AS Level so I'm deLIGHted! Above is the 'highly finished' piece one, Lino cut print on collage with stitch. I only had one go having made up the torn paper ground at home then printed at college, a little hairy in the stitch area - this was printed without a press using a roller on the back of the ground over the lino block. The papers were a mix of monoprint, collograph, clean up from the collograph & the registration sheet I ruined by using it under my block when inking, what a useful mess I made ;)

 Above was the 'highly finished' piece 2, (a different version to last weeks pic) Mono printed ground with lino cut Curlews, a collage of monoprinting & again printing without a press. Very accessible.

 Louise's wee man

Fiona's mono printing

 the cat's are Fiona 2's etchings & Lisa's Old Man of Storr collograph

 Abigail's etchings
 & as a thank you to Teach I couldn't miss the opportunity to make a card out of my curlew block. It just goes to show that altho I like the different textures here using gesso or screen printing ink instead of releif printing ink which would stay here you put it, doesn't cut it! I will invest ;)

 one of my favorite parts of college, drying the inky scrim on the struts under the table, lovely.

Went for a wild walk in the Easterly, North Easterly biting wind, fabulous, exhilerating, so loud! I'm always fascinated by the way the tide going out leaves seaweed in such 'arranged' positions across the whole beach, evrything facing the same way. Then there are the slices of thin seaweed left cloaked over rocks & sand, delicious. I must try some Nuno felting.

Reading Gwen Hedley's book, the first thing that is suggested is to make backgrounds alternative to pristine white which if you've been reading here for a while will know that suits me down to the ground....which is why I bought this book, Drawn to Stitch ;) Above I'm almost embarrassed to say is a pile of B&B tea bags drying...since last summer. cough.

 Luckily I have been encouraged by Gwen to make a surface out of them, (just hadn't got round to it yet!)

Can't wait to use the pink fruit tea bags, what a color.

& last but not least, a little pheasant under the bird feeder, taken by the DH early in the morning (see the sun?) the colors don't look real, do they?


Julie said...

Good reason to be delighted! :-) Well done! I like your fishy piece, especially the background collage. Lots of inspiration in your beach photos.

Jill said...

Your finished pieces look great. I should think you'll miss the course a lot, it is always good working with others. Love the draped seaweed, and the sunshine. Looks like a Christmas card round here!

Suztats said...

Congrats on completing your course, Emma, and the wonderful finished pieces. No doubt you'll miss the classes, but now you can take what you learned and make it your own.
Wow1 Love the beach art! I could see lots of great ideas there. The colours on the pheasant look wonderful.

suziqu's thread works said...

Congrats to you Emma what an achievement. Just think of all the techniques you have discovered and learned and then applied - your work is fantastic and love your dyed scrim dyeing.
Those beach images of what nature creates are beyond beautiful too!
Hugs to you friend,

Living to work - working to live said...

Lovely work and as I have Scottish Higher's my self from a few years ago (ahem) I get the level! So fantastic.

Love the teabags by the way. Such potential. I saw some lovely work yesterday with Tea Bags - I'll post on my blog later - so they have lots of potential (and fruit ones are a great idea).

I must start saving mine - I just bung them on the compost heap!

bois-fleurie said...

What a great thing to have done.I love your top piece of work and can see from your friends work as wellwhat a lot of techniques you all learnt.I will look often to see what next.

Dorothy said...

Congratulations on finishing your course! Your finished pieces look great and that photo on the beach is certainly a piece waiting to happen.

ju-north said...

You have produced some great work! Congrats on your achievement and enthusiasm! Your photos make me want to be there again!(Have to wait until June though!)

Carol Rigby said...

Congrats. on completing your course.Your prints are lovely. I am interested to see what you do with teabags. The fruit teabags come out very nice but I found that after a while the colour fades.

Robin Mac said...

Congratulations - what an achievement. The fish piece looks superb and I really like piece 2 with the curlews too. In fact , the work of all the class looks so good. I think you are brave going walking in that wind, but seeing all those magnificent knobbly textures in the seaweed and sand would make it worth it. Cheers

Anonymous said...

I really love your fish piece and those pink teabags....nice work my friend, further study to look forward to I hope. xox

Heloise said...

The finished pieces look great. Love your seaweed photographs.

Maggi said...

No wonder you will miss the course. The fish and bird pieces are fantastic. I was looking at a piece of art work made from used tea bags the other day, all sewn together and with the tea still inside. None as pretty as your pink ones though.

Iz said...

Now that is a teabag stash! Very impressive. Seriously, fabulous printing - I just love the finished piece - I'm sure you'll pass with flying colours!

Jan said...

Congratulations on having (almost) passed your finals. I knew you would make it! All your work is very exciting, it is always fun to follow you on your artistic journey.

Sue M said...

What a wonderful course you've done - and such terrific work too. Easter greetings to you from down under.