Saturday, 29 September 2012

Giveaway results & a few bits & pieces

The winner of my 200 plus posts giveaway is.......

Su from Living on the Edge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy what you make ;)

I forgot I made these brooches last week & stitched the backs on while talking to the Rellies - the fabric was from last year, the same as the previous earrings; nothing wasted (which is part of my problem ;)

 On the same note, I dropped some tiny pieces of fabric & threads from one of my many bits bowls/jars onto a piece of stabiliser, ironed down & stitched around. It was only small so I cut it into 4 & made 3 brooches, the 4th piece might be a button one day.

 The 4 earrings on the left were prepared for last weeks chat time but I was too busy talking.....
The earring on the right was from the corner of the coin purse below (about postcard size)

 I had it in mind to make many purses but made just one. It'll just have to do!

Making a large piece of new fabric with many bits & pieces is great, you can really get into the 'zone' but it's also a little neck breaking to do too much at once & daunting when time is short so to avoid failing completely, I made this purse sized piece, even allowing for a little shrinkage for when you add the first few stitches.

So I sprinkled about, oh, 1/16th of one bowl (there are many more purses, brooches, earrings, hair clips, pendants & hanging hearts to come!) added turquoise organza (I have to buy the organza & gold thread - rarely find those in a charity shop!) Stitched some straight lines in both directions then filled in with some free machining.

The 'button' is from the opposite 'corner' to the earring & the loop is a bit of seam twisted & zigzagged. I must fins my cording foot as my cords/loops are always pretty flat! They 'round up' with a bit of manipulation ;)

 This will probably find it's way into my Etsy shop before too long.

Bought this from my friend, Yoga mentor, knitter extrordinare Toni who has a little shop with Theo on the old pier in Broadford, 20 mins down the road. I usually buy these hanks just to have/stroke/be inspired by as I'm no knitter, but I have used some in my work, honest! This one is neon Nylon ribbon/tape, can you believe it? Delicious.

Anyone heard of  Lauren Shanley? I'm trying to find just an inch of space in the studio so I'm going thru some mags & ripping bits out - I know, sacrilege especially as this was in Embroidery magazine...Aug 07, see what I mean? When I saw this piece I was enthralled, then when I got over the fright from the image of the head/face I realised I'd read (& kept) an article on her before. Nice to be consistent.  Her coats are to die for. If I start on one now I may have one to wear for my 50th wedding anniversary! Along the same lines is this wonderful artist, Paulina,  who I found on Etsy, very dreamy, have a look!

I discovered that my little point & shoot camera does get upset if you turn it to take a portrait pic. Who knew? Landscape from now on, easy ;) No more cricked necks!

I'm away on holiday next week so I won't be about for a bit. See you soon, tho! x


Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

Beautiful colors and patterns.

Suztats said...

Lovely little bits of creativity, Emma. Have a wonderful holiday!

Robin Mac said...

You have been busy even with the rellies! Lovely bits and pieces. have a great holiday. Just as well I didn't win the giveaway, I need to give away half of what I am trying to jam in my workroom now!!! Cheers.

Nellie said...

Congratulations to Su!

You have been busy, Emma, and I love the colors I see!

sue said...

You have been beavering away Emma - lotsa goodies to share with us. I love that your colours come together in such an offhand natural way - dropping bits and pieces from little bowls - I can just picture you flinging stuff about with gay abandon ...

Linda Stokes said...

Lots of lovely goodies! Have you tried making cords using a darning or free motion foot? Works well - the trick is holding the cord taut from both sides as you zig zag over it with widest stitch setting.

Jill said...

Love your little brooches and thanks for the link to Lauren Shanley - wow!
Have a great break.

Heloise said...

Love that yarn. Happy holiday!

Gill said...

Love your little brooches Emma!
Thanks for a lovely giveaway and congratulations to Su!

Anonymous said...

Love your broaches and earings and the new bag. Lovely stuff Emma. xox

Maggi said...

Gorgeous pieces Emma. I just love Paulina's clothing, thanks for the link. Have a good holiday

Linda Vincent said...

Lovely treasures Emma....your purse is the winner for me though; great colours!
I'm off to follow those links!

Lorraine said...

lovely colours and textures..hope your enjoying being 50 and still look at all your cards..guess what I am 50 soon!

Parabolic Muse said...

Yay for holiday!!
I hope you're having a great time, or have had a great time (since it's about two weeks later...).
I always love looking at your fabric/fibre art. I think you've worked the cording just fine; the purse is really pretty!

It took me a while to figure out what Rellies meant. HA!