Saturday, 22 September 2012

A busy week with Rellies & A GIVEAWAY

I've done nothing creative this week but I've had a fabulous time with the DH's sister & uncle up for their annual visit. On Monday we went off to the Isle of Eigg for the day.

 Loch Nevis from the Armadale on Skye to mainland Mallaig

 It was the only day in the week that the ferry called twice at Eigg, once to drop us & once to collect, of course.

The Sgurr on Eigg on arrival from Mallaig

We were starving after all that bouncing around & had the most amazing hamburgers & coffee & cake in the Eigg cafe.

 Tilt left, sorry, I'll have to try & sort this out! By the cafe, a lovely rusty red ;)

tilt left, walking thru the woods

& back to the shore by the ferry terminal

I've obviously got to keep our new point & shoot camera, a Lumix with a Leica lens no less, on the level when I take a pic. It doesn't seem to cope with turning sideways. Having said that it's a lovely little lightweight thing!

We went for a couple of other walks & got completely sodden near Portree but nevertheless went for coffee &  cake in The Bakery under my favorite Skyeworks Gallery  The photographic exhibition was fabulous (as was the cake!) My favorite pic was the one used in the promotion leaflet, you'll see when you click the link. A daisy in the garden of local photographer Donnie Mackay - must ask him how he got that moody effect ;)

Thursday we went to Plockton (in MY exhibition space ;)to see the work of my textile friend Polly Bryan - I'm so glad she did this!

 oh. she's spinning!

 The middle piece is Mulberry bark, torn, pulled & beautifully beaded

 Lovely organic shape there

 Sea colors

Autumn colors
 My favorite, hopefully she'll send me a pic of the one similar that was sold from above!

 Lots of goodies

 Pastels, a woman of many talents

felting, mainly
 another favotite landscape, tilt left

& last tilt left - colors you could eat!

A quick walk up to a viewpoint I've always been meaning to go to in Plockton

 Across to Skye

over to Loch Carron towards Kishorn where they held the record for building the world's heaviest moveable object, an oil rig - probably still do ;)

We were taken for a wonderful meal  by DH's uncle to the Plockton Shores great food & friendly service. A great week altogether!


Celebrating over 200 posts; some would call that a lot of rabbiting - nobody here of course & I was delighted when someone local described what he was hearing from me when chatting to a friend as a "stream of consciousness". Much kinder ;) So, I'd like to offer a little giveaway of some scrappy fabrics in juicy colors, a bit of tissue & music paper, a copy of one of my painted papers (left) a little foil, rusty ring, bullet & shell & a spare tube of clear silk gutta - I got it to use as a resist. Just leave me a comment telling me how you might use this collection! I'll let you know who's won as soon as!


Nellie said...

It sounds like you have had a marvelous week, Emma!

Were I to win this giveaway, much of it would become a gift to one of our daughters who is always able to come up with creative ideas with various materials.

Sending good wishes for what remains of the week-end!

Anonymous said...

Oh gorgeous views of the scenery and the art! Looks like a blissful,wek. xox

Beverley Baird said...

What a lovely place to visit! Great shots of the scenery and the art pieces!

What a lovely giveaway! I would really like to create some crazy quyilt hearts - the material looks like it would suit that project.

ju-north said...

Fabulous photos Emma! Must come and spend some time in the area. (Just a thought re sideway pics - do you straighten them up before you post?)

Gill said...

Great pics Emma - though I do have a crick in my neck now from all the tilting! Yours is a part of the world I would love to see! We got as far as Stranraer last weekend taking our youngest to Belfast for his first year at Queens!

Unknown said...

Looks like a lovely holibob - such lovely work. as to the collection of stuff which I would love to win - I would make a new sketchbook cover for my latest sketchbook !

Unknown said...

PS - I love the pieces you have for your blog header

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Loving the tour, thanks! Yep, you can rotate photos in any photo editor thing which is probably already on your pc or, most phones can rotate too if you go into the menu etc. x

Aussie Jo said...

I would make a little book for my daughter with those lovely fabrics. She has just had both thumbs operated on and can't do anything at the moment.

Lovely exhibition, what a very talented lady.

sue said...

Phew Emma - that was a big week! I really like the way the exhibition pieces have been hung - very effective. I am sure that some talented textile artist somewhere will be delighted to win your give away!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Emma, thanks for sharing this 'outing' with all of us! x

Jill said...

What a delightful mix of art and scenery - all very inspiring. I am happy to pass by your give-away as I have such a pile of works in progress that if I were to win, I would probably just sit and gaze at it and admire the pretties!

Su said...

That exhibition looks wonderful - she has so many beautiful pieces, I'm in awe!

I was wondering, when you frame your textiles do you put them behind glass? I'm just wondering as someone has asked about buying one of mine and I don't know where to start about framing, or whether it's ok to just mount them on a canvas.

How would I use your give away? Well I'd have to sit and look at it for ages, then probably do something regal to reflect the colours and the music :-)

Iz said...

Oooh! Goodies! Apart from just stroking and admiring all those lovely bits and pieces for a few weeks, I would probably make a book cover - and I'd probably share it out with my students who also want to make book covers! But never mind the goodies, when can we come and stay?! You surely live in a beautiful part of the world.

Maggi said...

What wonderful photos Emma. Having just undertaken a ruthless cull in my studio, I think I will pass on the giveaway thank you.

jackie said...

I'm only here to catch up and say thank you for the kind comment. I feel a little seasick after all that food and tilting photos, and that even before breakfast.

Robin Mac said...

Gosh, a whole week has bgone by without my looking at your blog!! what a busy week you had with your visitors, but what lovely scenery. I love the eshibition too. Gorgeous stuff in your give away, probably a lovely journal cover from that lot. cheers, Robin

Linda Vincent said...

Wow...that post was a feast for the eyes Emma (won't mention the crick in the neck ;-)
I always enjoy seeing your scenic photos...especially those lovely long ones!

Parabolic Muse said...

Congrats on 200!

Great photos, here. Thanks for sharing...