Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I'm back!

I hadn't gone far, we just lost our connection due to a 'stale session' at the BT end fixed in 2 seconds by Scotnet..but not till Monday am...then I went to work.

I hadn't done much, just 'made' some curtains up.

When I say 'made', we were looking in Debenhams, 2 pairs £180. Neutral, lined. They were fine. Of course we 'popped' into a charity shop, knowing we wouldn't find 2 pairs the same, but did. Talk about the absolute opposite to neutral! They were 2 huge pieces of hemmed fabric so I folded them to make them lined & added curtain ruching tape stuff. One long pair & one short pair. ... perfect & a snip at £3 a pair ;) The bathroom floor tiles were a ittle more expensive but a floor is for life not just for Christmas. We've had painted chipboard for 11 yrs & it worked out £10 per year, a bargain & the clever DH & Youngest laid it themselves. So we're almost sorted for the second room B&B. I think they might inspire my next painted background! I haven't done triangles yet ;)

So I'd made a ground from Maggie's Stitches Straps & Layers.  Her samples are delicious, using yarn, tape, sari silk, silk carrier rods, or stitched border patterns cut from felt. I couldn't do them all so I chose a mix of yarn, the knitting tapes Maggie had kindly sent me & some of  the miriad of stuff I've spent my life collecting (this book so justifies my way of life!) It's time consuming laying out the yarns over lightly foiled velvet, needlefelting a bit & stitching down with zig zag & straight stitch in various colors, but worth it. I made a small piece from silk carrier rods & combined the 2 as per Maggies sample. Not sure if you remember that I borrowed this book from a friend & my arty buddy Jo said it was so good for me I should have bought it myself. But I've had amazing fun actually working thru the samples  & I'm so grateful to Lesley for lending it to me...I've so nearly finished!


As we had no internet I was able to catch up & make some cuffs with beads  & cord loops out of the new fabric. The middle one, I think, will go into my Etsy shop soon.

And I finished the second gauntlet. Slightly bigger so less of a gap & cords instead of ribbons. Scuse the flash.

Jo lent me a book about Zandra Rhodes. I had no idea I'd be so interested!

cover, studio

screen printing, sketchbook

pattern, cloths

Sorry there are so many, couldn't resist!
Forgot her wonderful quote!

"I am  tired of good taste. I want to do everything wrong & get a result that is of value & valid as well"
Zandra Rhodes


Iz said...

I was just wondering where you were! I love the new cuffs, I think the bottom one is my favourite.

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

Always impressed by your beautiful colors, patterns and lines.

Suztats said...

I understand being 'missing.' My internet provider is changing its operating system, and with each customer who switches, the bandwidth decreases. No comp yesterday at all or Sunday evening, and 1 hour this morning. I may disappear one of these days, too.
Lovely work!

Numinosity said...

Nice to have you back and to see some more of your bright creations.
I'm itching to use some of the sari trim I picked up in India some day.
I'm loving those cuffs!
xoxo Kim

Anonymous said...

Exciting stuff, love those cuffs Emma!! Keep making those.....xox Corrine

mano said...

beautiful work, dear emma! the cuffs are great! x mano

Sarah Sequins said...

Beautiful cuffs! Checked out your Etsy store, too -- I love those flower pendants. :)

That book sounds like a lot of fun! It reminds me a little of an article I read online about pinweaving a few years ago.

http://ingoodcompanytarts.blogspot.com/2008/10/october-tart-kit-pin-weaving.html I can't find the article, but this is a great blog post.

jan said...

More beautiful work, you're putting me to shame! Love the cuffs...x

jackie said...

I had the Zandra Rhodes book out of the library,its so interesting to trace her inspiration. You will be getting your bookbinding tool out when I show you how I have been using it on felt. No doubt I will blunt it soon, but I have been told a tip to sharpen it on tin foil.
Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Good that you're back - love all the work and I don't know why you think about only putting one of the cuffs on etsy - all are brilliant. The Zandra Rhodes book looks interesting and I keep promising myself a visit to her London Museum! ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Robin Mac said...

What lovely cuffs you have made, and the new gauntlet is super too! Zandra Rhodes was one amazing lady. So glad you have your internet fixed now. Cheers