Sunday, 25 September 2011

Thru the tunnel & out the other side!

What a fabulous 2 weeks it's been in Plockton. I'm so glad I made all that effort over the last 9 months - my menopausal baby! Wonderful too were all the encouraging comments I've had from my blog buddies, thank you & welcome to my new followers ;) I got some lovely comments in my book at the show which I shall bring out often when I need a  little ego stroking ;) I really don't have time to write all the lovely words out here! (he he) I only sold one piece in the second week but with all the cards & textile jewellery & the combination of the 2 weeks I will definitely do this again. I'm thinking one week in June & one week in September & my DH might join me this time! - not sure if I can have the same as my  first September week next year, we'll see. Apart from the huge ego boost, it has given me the impetus to carry on making a body of work; that's what I do!

brought home this vase from the exhibition

The Loch Carron Quilters were next door to me in the main hall for 2 days - no pics, didn't think to take my camera ;(  Lovely neat work. I was asked by Jennifer Lewis of Skye Quilt Studio who was also there representing the Isle of Skye Quilters if I was interested in giving a workshop in the new year based on my textile 'strip' hangings. I was a little worried about talking/showing to a group who quilt so neatly but another member came by who said she'd be very interested. So that's good! Jennifer sells fat 1/4s but most importantly for me, the perfect gold machine thread so I never need to run out again!

the above came from this blurry shrub - no light this morning at all! Ostiospermum still out despite the hoolie blowing. We;ve had some rain this week!

No actual collage this week, just a thought that I'd use the polystyrene sandwich box as a printing plate to carve into an image of the beautiful old boat  that I could see from the window I looked out of when I was grabbing a bite to eat in the gallery/hall. Gave me a change of view from looking into the room at the stream of potential customers ;) As I'd forgotten my camera I asked a Plockton gardening buddy to take one for me.

My day off last Sunday was spent in lovely if breezy sunshine walking into Blaven on the way into Elgol. Or Bla Bheinn as it should be spelt.

the summit is the left hand lump, the furthest away one,  of the 2 middle ones which you can't see when you're closer

 We, my SIL & I only got to a thousand of the 3 thousand feet but it was just an amble, trying to keep up with the DH & his 85 yr old uncle!

looking back

I may go back up with a little training behind me, once Tam & I have lost the muffin top round our middles from zilch excersise & chocolate, for me, probably every day for the last 3 months when I've been keeping my head down & going for it. My version of  'mother's little helper' & it did help but while writing this I've eaten my last bit till the boxes come out 3rd week in December! No more, from now on my body is my temple!

got a little bit of vertigo taking this above!

path up to the left then you're in a gorge

swinging the camera round to the right

a close up view, sort of a relief after all those big spaces!


artymess said...

Congratulations Emma a short breather before you start again ....x

Jill said...

Congratulations on a successful exhibition Emma. Your walk looks as if it was enough to clear your head! What mind blowing scenery.

Suztats said...

Such lovely pics, Emma. Imagine having that scenery for one's daily walk. Invigorating.
Congratulations on having a good show! Yay! And the workshop? Go for it!! Hugs

Cate Rose said...

Congrats on the great show, Emma. Hope you'll take a good break before you delve heavily into creative pursuits again! Also congrats on being invited to speak/show at the local guild!

Maggi said...

Congratulations on the success of your show and what compliment to be asked to do your workshop. Absolutely stunning scenery.

jan said...

congratulations on your exhibition, you deserve a break now! Love the beautiful scenery

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a marvellus show, your hard work really paid off and teach workshops, great, you will be fab and fun. Lovely views, would love to walk it woth you. xox Corrine

Iz said...

I'm so glad the show went well and you've got some exciting new things to look forward to already. Just love that mountain, makes me feel all squiffy inside - I love Scotland!

Beverley Baird said...

Congratulations! Sounds like it was a lovely and sucessful time!
Love your photos!

jackie said...

Well done you. Lovely views. Now you can take a breather and do some finger painting.

Peneller said...

Im so glad your show was a success Emma and only sorry that I wasn't able to visit. Lovely to see photos of the mountains. I do envy you having them on the door step!

Lynda Howells said... deserve all the praise considering all the hard work you have put in. Love the images of the mountains. Relax now, take a breather before doing the "next ting" on the horizon!xx l have a galley show this weekend...phew!fingers crossed. lyndaxx

Linda Stokes said...

Congrats on the well deserved success of your show - exciting to be invited to teach from it too.
Stunning scenery on your mountain walk - great to see your pics.