Monday, 5 September 2011

One week & counting!

Quick post today as I'm already 'late' with it & off to work in 45 mins, then at 10pm tonight I'm on holiday! So I'll have nearly 3 weeks to fit in all the hundreds of little jobs to do before a show & then sit quietly (!) for 12 days enjoying all my hard work & hoping others do to. I'm sure it'll be  fine. Thanks SO MUCH for all your kind & supportive words, much appreciated. The Sunday in between the 'gallery' is closed so I get to spend some time with my uncle & sister in law who are up for their anual visit.

Took the DH along to see the hanging space & he too thought there were many more pics than there were (& was relieved that i have enough) of artist Sian Armstrong, no link, I don't think. She paints sheep & trees, lovely & she's been so helpful to me. Had a walk about the lovely little place.

A sweet village made very popular by 'Hamish Macbeth' & Robert Carlyle.
must watch some reruns.

Didn't think i'd be able to make a collage, oh no, failure! But the DH needed the shared table cleared to do some D ringing & stringing of frames etc & as i cleared I liked the mixture of golds neutrals & blues so I stuck them together & stitched a bit & rubbed over it with a gold wax stick. I still had some of these bits so I did more sticking stitching & rubbing with the intention of cutting it in half for either side of the first piece. I quite like it, my first 'spare! About 12" x 4"

I will find time & head space to visit everybody, I miss you guys!

What will I do afterwards, I was asked, well, there's a question ;)


Suztats said...

Have a Happy Holiday and a wonderful show. Hugs

Su said...

You'll get there and it will be wonderful!

Numinosity said...

Nothing like a good post of rust, collage and a seaside village. Have a wonderful show and enjoy your time off. I'm about to be a bit absent myself with a trip back east and a workshop.
xoxo Kim

Iz said...

I love this collage, not least because of the impromptu way you "stuck it together and stitched a bit"! You've inspired me to dig my machine out of hibernation! I remember Hamish Macbeth, and made a pilgrimage to that village many moons ago.

Katie said...

Have fun! Good luck! Love the anchor pic!

Jill said...

There's a lot more of to this cutting, sticking and stitching than you make out! I've tried. I do hope you get a few minutes to yourself in your holiday from work, we're with you there.

Maggi said...

Have a great show. The spears collage is excellent. Some fabric wrapped around that anchor and chain could provide you with lots of inspiration later!

Jan said...

I'm a little late with a comment because summer finally arrived and I have been enjoying it! I know your show will go GREAT and you will have a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. Wish I could attend.

Relax, enjoy the ride!!♥