Sunday, 15 May 2011

Two in One

It was a struggle but I got 2 little pennants made this week. It was also a struggle because I didn't do a sketch, not sure why, a little cocky maybe but lesson learnt - if you're working this precisely you can't wing it....which is what I usually do. I've been seeing a lot of blue & yellow in the garden & along the lanes.

Welsh poppies & Aqualegia

                            a buttercup amongst burnt out forgetmenots & a bee in the Siberian kale

All in a little vase

The Pennant collage I did first used those colors but I'm not 100% sure if it works & also I love the flower (inspired by Heloise to do some more brooch like flowers) but feel the pennants require padded flat shapes not 3D. I tried to do a reverse applique across the top with 3 small flower shapes, boy did that go wrong. Then I made a little bit of snipped bits & pieces fabric & stitched round & cut out little flowers - they looked sweet but rediculous so I made a little sample.

You can see I used a lovely piece of ribbon/braid given to me which I cut up into 1/3ds - well the whole point of using a neat bit of braid is that it's 'sealed' both sides & doesn't fray. Well, it frayed & needed stitching down both sides - I was just being greedy, but thanks Lesley, love purple & blue together!

That silky bit of lime green & yellow painted silk behind is perhaps a little contrasty even for me.

I feel I fared better with this one, using burn orange & burgundy - love those colors together, too.

The light was disappearing, typical, so you can't see the 'velvet' - I should have used a plusher velvet, deeper 'pile'. If I'd had some, I would have. The lovely burnt orange fabric square was given to me by Denise Huddlesdon, who used to live up the road from me & now has a holiday home up the north end somewhere, I think. She very kindly handed me bags & bags of 'stuff' - rich velvets (not burgundy ;) & small bits of dyed fabric & threads when she moved away, lovely. Would have loved a workshop by her but never did nag her enough!

Must visit a charity shop for some purple..anything & deep maroon plush velvet, mmm.

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Julie said...

Gorgeous pennants Emma. I'm glad I clicked on and enlarged! I love the orangey one.

Maggi said...

I love both the pennants and don't think the lime green is too much contrast at all.

Cate Rose said...

Hi Emma,
These pennants are really wonderful -- especially the rust one. How big are they? Are you selling them?? Wanna do a trade for something? I really do like the heart one.
Let me know.

Suztats said...

Hi Emma, I adore the burnt orange pennant! I've never used that colour combo, but it looks fabulous! I'm not sure about the lime: I think it would probably look great in person, but it's certainly a focal point!

ju-north said...

Great colour combinations!

Gaby Bee said...

Both pennants are absolutely stunning and I love your flower pics!

Have a lovely day!

Jill said...

Love your garden pics. And your pennants are lovely too. Now you need a castle to hang them in.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like that pop of lime green Emma, Sue is always an inspiration, love her work.....those blue flowers in the garden make me swoon, what is it about blue. My bleeding heart has taken over and will soon be four feet tall. Keep those garden pics coming. xox Corrine

mano said...

hi emma,
the flowers in your vase are so beautiful and both pennants are fantastic. It's great that you like my little stitching on the old linen!
wish you a good week! mano

Chris said...

These are both lovely. I am not much of a gardener, but I love those flower pics!

Congrats to having 99 followers!

Unknown said...

The pennants are both gorgeous! I love the colours you used! The flowers are gorgeous, love the blue and yellow combinations. :) x

Heloise said...

Beautiful photographs. Love the colours in the first pennant.

My Creative House said...

Emma I love the burnt orange pennant wonderful colorsand my also favorite colors, the blue/purple colors fits perfect together, a beautiful piece.

jackie said...

What a great present, scraps of velvet!
I'm sure you will make good use of them.

Linda Stokes said...

Both pennants are gorgeous but I do like the 2nd one even more.

Jan said...

Ohhh, one more and you will be at 100!
I wonder if you couldn't add a bit of dynaflow or something on the green flower shape that you don't like, to tone it down a bit? I like it, myself. These are great new pennants. Where will you be hanging them?

Anonymous said...

I love the colour combination on the blue and yellow piece but as a finished piece I prefer the brown/gold/orange one. Have you any plans for what you're going to do with these pennants when they're finished?

Anonymous said...

I hust love all of the stitching in your banner!
And....i'm your 100th follower!
Stop by and visit anytime if you so please.

Ciao Bella!


Lynda Howells said...

congrats on your 99th bloggerx
love your work as usualxxx
ps send me your address and l will see if l find purple velvet for you..fantastic charity shops in Putney!!!

Catharina Maria said...

Wow , these are beautiful !
Nice combination of the colors !
Love ♥RINI♥

Linda Vincent said...

♥Gorgeous♥ purple and green pennant Emma! Love the little bouquet too :-)