Sunday, 29 May 2011

Another week flown past.

I'm late today & I'm tired. Not sure where the time goes! There's this thing people talk about called 'the flow' & creative people get into it & forget the rest of tthe world, be it good or bad. Thing is, I seem to sew a bead on & an hour goes past without me realising. My DH looks at me & can't believe I don't realise how much time passes ;)

So I made a book, about 7"x4", for a special persons special birthday. I've been trying to make one for ages & I chose to make it for someone who will love it no matter what but will also tell me the truth about it. She loved it for real, I knew she would, they're her favorite colors.

I used Heloise's velvet for the heart, feels wonderful. Pretty lace from Aileen (see my blog roll) & the purpley red bit 2nd up from the bottom from Lesley (The road to Skye) (sorry I forgot to take a pic of the pile of fabric you gave me,thanks! ) Bits & pieces of reclaimed fabric, beads, random stitching all over, a cord & toggle type button & a braided pagemarker made from different yarns & fabric strips.

recycled papers - packaging & watercolor paper.

Seed beads down the back - spot the deliberate mistake - well, we should have a mistake in our work otherwise we might be considered trying to be too perfect ;)

I machine stitched the signatures in on (well, I now know why they're hand sewn, no room for the foot) to a single piece of strong paper (the name escapes me, gusset?) which was tucked into the little flaps so she could reuse the cover. I'm pleased & glad she is but I won't be going into production yet as it took 'too long'

I started making this purse ages ago - I've yet to find the perfect button or make one. These colors/strips inspired the card I made last post, which inspired part of a hanging I haven't started to stitch yet, which then inspired my friends book.

I used Jane La Fazio's method for the flowers - draw on the back, stitch then turn over & use the bobbin thread as a guide, brilliant!

Had a little visit from a deer near the front of the house, so sweet, just so long as he doesn't eat my garden, which has been battered enough by this wind. Forgot earlier to add my rainbow pics - the strong wind makes the weather change even faster, 4 seasons in one day turned into 4 seasons in one hour.I was out earlier today in hail/rain then did some gardening with just a light breeze to keep the midges away in the warm sunshine.

Mid week bow shot thru my over pruned Rosa Rugosa & the top of a sculpture I did a few years ago & below an intriguing low level rainbow this afternoon. I must have been tired then judging by the horizon line!

So a giveaway for my wonderful blog buddies to celebrate over 100 followers (please add a link so I can visit back!). Little books about 5"x4" , with a couple of signatures sewn in, made along the lines of my friends, but not with such detail. But where I used board to stiffen the cover in hers, I carefully used some pelmet vilene I had. Thought it would make it sturdy & now the  book pings open ;( Any ideas? I may have to add a little hook if they don't stay closed after a night under a heavy book ;)

The lacey on was made mainly using Aileens kind gift
, bits & pieces & some hand stitches,too.

Lovely velvet heart from Heloise's kind gift & bits & pieces & beads.

I'm so grateful to my followers, you've given me friendship & focus, thank you! If you'd like a little booklet, please leave a comment here. I'll draw in a week or so - my son, his fiance & my parents visit this week so the minutes will certainly be passing. Yes my boy is marrying his lovely girl, also called Emma, in about 2 years - I'll need at least that to get ready! That's another book i very much want to make, for all their wedding ideas, I'm sure we can all think of just a few of those over the next while so it had better be a decent size ;) I'm so excited!


Jensters said...

Your so right about time Emma i really cant believe how fast its flying!! Some wonderful books here and colours....truly wonderful....congratulations to your son and what fun you shall have making this book x

Suztats said...

Emma, your books are delightful! And I'd love to win one!
Wonderful news about your son's upcoming marriage. My DD is getting married, but she's halfway round the world!

Anonymous said...

Sweet giveaway, sweet books all, another week flown by I can so appreciate. We have moved into summer in a big way, hot and steamy....cute deer righto but they will eat everything as you know. Doesn't the lovely pup keep them away! xox Corrine

Jill said...

I love the way your pieces look so casually put together - I know they're not, you have a wonderful way of combining colours and textures. I would also love to own one of your books.

Robbie said...

Your books are LOVELY!! Your friend will be so happy to receive hers!!

Jan said...

Wow you have zoomed ahead of me with 103 followers! Congratulations! I will have a give away once I reach 100 also so be watching for that. I love give aways, even when I don't win, the anticipation is always fun so please sign me up for yours. I'd love to win one of your books.

jan said...

Your books are gorgeous I love all the textures, and would love a chance to win one! x

Stitchety Grub said...

Your books are fabulous - I would be honoured to be in your draw - Cheers Britt in Australia :-)

Su said...

I love your little books, the colours and the textures all "zing". I can see why your friend was so pleased, it would be an honour to own one. Nice rainbows too!

suziqu's thread works said...

Congratulations Emma on reaching 103 followers.
See how many people just love what you do! I for one! Those little journals are all gorgeous. The textures and the machine stitching really add something - love all the different fibres and fabrics used. Love to hold a piece of your art.
Hugs to you,

Iz said...

Finally! I can post a comment! Thank you Blogger! I love these books - they are so spontaneous and colourful, and I love the use of all sorts of different papers. Very cool.

Julie said...

So much beauty in your blog today Emma :-) The books are a delight and I love that rusty sculpture too. Well done on 100 followers and here's to the next 100 :-)

Maggi said...

I'm not surprised that your friend loved the book, a beautiful gift. Congratulations on getting to over 100 followers. It's all this inspiring work that draws people in, and keeps them with you.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous journal Emma, how could your lucky friend not like it. I know how long they take to make, seems like forever.

Anonymous said...

The book is gorgeous - fantastic colours and textures. I'd love to win one!
As for the pelmet vilene, try carefully scoring it before you put it in. I used this technique for an accordion book and it works well. Just make sure you don't press too hard (speaking from experience here...!).

Heloise said...

These are all lovely, the colours are just what I love. I tend to use two pieces of vilene when I make a book as I have found it does just what you say.

Would love to own one of these notebook.

The two sunsets are glorious.

Gaby Bee said...

These books are awesome! Your work is just so inspirational. Everything you create is unique and beautiful. I bet your friend will be happy to receive such a gorgeous book!

Have a lovely week!
Gaby xo

Mail Art Dramas said...

love the books.103 followers!!! I'm not surprised. it's a joy to drop by your blog.

Katie said...

What lovely books! They sure do take a lot of time though- I can understand that. The view from your place is amazing!


jackie said...

How lovely to have deer in the garden,and having a wedding to look forward to.
Quite right, images from the Lousie Baldwin class, but capured with the new lens.

Catharina Maria said...

Your handmade books are beautiful !!
And the photos from your garden and land around your house .
Love it all !
Big hug ♥RINI♥