Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Wedding & some blog buddies

Ok, I've got about 24 wedding pics but you don't have to look at them all! Just skim thru admiring the bag & fascinator I've been banging on about for so long (you're all very patient ;)

First, as love is in the air (even the most cynical would love a good wedding!) I made a couple of hearts from the Peacock Fabric enclosing wonderful smelling lavender grown in the south of France by a friend - too wet here ;( .

 did I show you my purse, the one that justified spending so much time on the fascinator & bag that were just for ME?



The day after The Wedding was just lovely, too. The DH noticed a leaflet in the hotel about the Great Dixter garden - you've probably been but I only ever saw it on Gardeners' World & it wasn't even on my radar. So in the morning we spent a happy hour walking around the most beautiful spring garden I've ever seen - sorry, haven't sorted the pics yet, 'cept this one

then in the afternoon my patient DH took me to Brighton to meet two Blog Buddies, Isobel of Threadnoodle & Alison of Fibre Frenzi Alison had a space for her work in one of the Brighton Open House weekends so we met there & then had coffee & cake, of course ;) I've been talking to these girls at our blogs for years so it was amazing to finally meet them.

Isobel back left & Alison right, as you probably know ;) You can see my Wedding Cuff here, it spent it's time at the wedding hiding under my sleeve, tll the evening when it came out for a boogie! So great to meet up & look what Isobel made my day with!

I'm delighted, thank you! Ready for action ;) I was so glad to catch up with Heloise too, giving me a lovely bag of felt to play wit ...(which I haven't photographed yet, sorry)

I can't believe that I had one of the best weddings ever & a chance to meet great blogging friends & go to a wonderful garden all in one weekend. So lucky.

So here are the Photographs, a small taster, honest! Just enjoy, I did.

 8am swim!
still waiting

my parents

 my bro, cuz & his gf
 my sil

 boys, eh?

 Fiji cake

 ooh, harsh sunlight, just to show you the fascinator!
 The Bag ;)
 How long will it be before I stop going misty eyed?


ju-north said...

Wonderful pics of the wedding! Your outfit looks stunning!

Mystic Quilter said...

Where shall I begin? Lovely wedding pics - love the wedding car! The hearts you made are delicious as is
your purse and lucky your for gift - love the colours.
Thank you also for the snap of yourself with Isobel and Alison - I am in touch often with Alison (I'm in New Zealand) and have followed her blog for over 12 months now,so lovely to see a photograph of her! You have now found me another blog with Threadnoodle!

Maggi said...

Lovely wedding pics. Your outfit and accessories - just perfect. How great to meet up with blogging friends too. I suspect you'll be misty eyed for a long time yet!

Heloise said...

It was lovely to see you too and to hear first hand about the wedding. Everyone looks so very happy.
This weekend must seem quiet by comparison. Good luck with your upcoming shows.

Sandies' Patch said...

wonderful pics!
Love the whole outfit! (My kind of colours).

Linda Vincent said...

You're a lucky lady....what a wonderful time you've had!
The photos are so lovely; such special memories. And you looked fabulous dahling!

The hearts are very sweet....and what a bonus that they smell gorgeous too.
Trying not to be too envious of those days out with blogging friends. icing on the cake eh? ;-)

Linda Stokes said...

What a fantastic weekend you've had. You all look gorgeous - congratulations.
Love your fascinator, bag & cuff, etc - lovely colours & great with your outfit.
Enjoyed your students results too - you must be a good teacher!

Cate Rose said...

How lovely ~ every bit of it!! xo

Fibre frenzi said...

Love all the pics. Such happy memories of that day x

Julie said...

Fab wedding pix and how lovely to meet up with some blogging friends :) I've never been to Great Dixter either. One of these days......

Robin Mac said...

What gorgeous wedding photos - your outfit looks so lovely. I love your elegant shoes as well.
What an added bonus being able to visit a beautiful garden and then some blogging friends. That is always lots of fun and you find you feel like you have known them in real life forever! Cheers

Amanda said...

An all round 11 out of 10! Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

The wedding looks just fabulous. What a lovely couple. Boys showing white legs in kilts, too funny....Glad you got to meet some blog buddies too. what fun. xox

Iz said...

Glad you like the little book! Most excellent to see you, and I'm so pleased the wedding went well xx

Anni - My Creative Life and Mixed Media Books said...

Your hearts and purse is so beautifully made Emma, I love the machine and hand embroideries, lovely wedding photos.
Anni said...

All absolutely wonderful - love it all and will be back for second looks. That area is where I lived before coming to Somerset and I know it well. Many happy days spent at Brighton with my two boys when they were little. Gilli @ TCS xx

Suztats said...

You look marvelous all gussied up in your fascinator! Splendid wedding photos, and sounds like a wonderful time! So glad it was a fab weekend!