Saturday, 26 January 2013

Another week gone by

After the relative success of last week I don't seem to have completed much this week. Tempus Fugit & all that.

I did get another mono printed birthday card out on time, amazing! I drew into it a little, quite pleased. Blurred, sorry - why did I miss the sunshine we've had all week & leave taking pics till the winter dark set back in?

Had a fabulous session  at college, tho, some printing at last (it was only week 3) But so exciting, you really feel you've achieved something.

I didn't take my camera but I brought these 3 home as they were dry but must have left 15 plus prints drying pinned to the wall. They are all from just cleaning the block, the middle one removing the last traces of ink & the top in black & the bottom in blue ink after adding turps all over, ok & patting it about a bit ;)

 These 3 pics are sitting on my registration sheet, I've got to bring a new one in as I got carried away & was rolling ink on the block on it by mistake.... Some nice marks I can use tho.

 I was asked to show teach my sketch book from the first class so I got the  bits together which have been floating about within the cover for 2 yrs & stitched it all up quite neatly. I'd written the date as 2011 of course, so I found an 'E' from a practice plate print from last time, turned it upside down, hinged it for some reason (?) & it became a 3

I also drew my fish out in the section for this course - see the pretty tab? - semi traced from the tracing.....going backwards, I know

& paper clipped in my tracing & rubbing - closed neatly, above

 un clipped & pulled out, above

I was asked to show the Chine Colle practice from last time to the class - I love show(ing off) & tell!

I added a Valentine heart card to my Etsy Shop - I really must make some more. I started a landscape drawing but didn't get very far & I started a small stripped fabric hanging but got overwhelmed with finding anything in my now messy second studio.... Maybe I'll have better luck next week!


Julie said...

Some lovely marks and textures here Emma and I do love your fish. Tempus has fugited here too although I have managed to get some creativity going until today.

Nellie said...

It seems to me that you have had a very busy week! I love seeing the process for what you create.

Suztats said...

I love your fish, Emma, and look forward to seeing more.

Robin Mac said...

You have been very busy again. I love your fish too, they make me laugh. All looks like a lot of fun. Cheers

Maggi said...

Not a bad haul for someone who hasn't done much! Love the fish and the little book.

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying seeing your creative process here and the fish again - he's fabulous!

Jill said...

Looks like plenty in a week to me, but I know how you feel, sometimes you hope to achieve so much more. However printing is so exciting, looking forward to seeing some more of your work.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous fun fishes Emma. Love your collage at the end...weeks are flying already. xox

layers said...

It does look like you have been busy.. so many images of your prints and I love all your textures and mark making.

jackie said...

I am pleased you have found Dorothy Caldwell's work; I think it is amazing. I found a whole set of workshop images for her, sadly now disappeared, and fantasied that I was there joining in.
I like the pics of your sketchbooks.