Saturday, 20 October 2012

A little more Knitting & Stitching

Well, quite a few more photos from the show! I won't say much, promise, my eyes are already falling out from sorting out the rest of the holiday pics ;) But first a little about my travels. First stop, the Eldest & my dil to be's new home in Chippenham, near Bath. Well, I've completely fallen in love with Bath!

 While wandering around I came upon a fabulous exhibition in Walcot Street,  held in a tiny chapel, completely empty but for these wonderful mixed media paintings by Jan Jeffcoate, no website. Very tactile pieces, lovely.

 Surrounded by a sea of gravestones, not surpriingly. Did I take a pic? No. Too busy experiencing it. The above 2 are from her card. Had an interesting chat with my brother later- 'did it not happen then, just because you didn't record it?' Well, no, just that it would have been totally appropriate to share here!

 All things lead from the Abbey

 Also in Walcot St where I was hoping to find Walcot Reclamation yard, gone, but there was this amazing shop with a million items of clothing in it.  blurry sorry. There was another vintage type shop, the kind of place I feel a home in.

 Dyeing for a cuppa as there are so many hills here (you'd think I was used to it!)I stopped here, Bea's Cafe I think it was called, just like having tea with my grandmother!

curly railings on the way to Bath's Fashion Museum - thanks to Serendipity for the heads up ;)

Stunning 17th c costumes

wonderful gauntlets - I bought a top once from a charity shop of course, which had lovely bits of added 'lace' on the sleeve ends &  I thought, hmm, good idea to make for the studio (it's still on my list!) & here they were doing it for gloves all those years ago ;)

60's shoes & bags

So glad I made the effort to climb all the way up Bath! Walking back down there are so many fabulous 'indy' shops - you'd need a fortune to live here!

A view from the Eldest's bathroom window, 3 floors up, a beautifully renovated old forge they're renting.

one or 2 things from Bath market - I want to find 'spools' to wrap spare wool onto - this will inspire me, as will the dinky little tags found in a 'new vintage' shop. Then in a the new stuff market those earring findings you can't do without & a bit of paint.

Off to Oxford & in the open Thursday market I found a lovely bit of lace & I doily - my first! that I hope to print with.

I've got to show you what the lovely 'Heloise' generously gave me - bundles of jewel colored snippets along with organza, thread & a bit of painted bondaweb peeping out at the top there. She's being very supportive,  following my efforts with the  purses & brooches I've been making. Good to have a blog buddy near Oxford & it was great to catch up.

So to the second half of my Knitting & Stitching visit! Thanks to Linda I found out who these wonderfully eccentric artists were, above &  below is Sue Walton

& below is Ann Small
good to meet someone else who uses bones! Amazing work.

Above is the delicious Louise Baldwin, part of the 62 group (see Louise link)  50 yrs together.

Elaine Megahey

Jae Maries, both also of the 62 group. Such wonderful work.

Lizzie Houghton above asked could I take a general shot - that coat on the right & the wrap you can just see on the left were stunning!

 Dale's  beautiful buttons above & herself below - I hope she likes the pic, I think it's great!

 Last but not least! The 4 pics below are my new hero, Val Holmes.

Wonderful, what I'd give to go to one of her workshops in France!

The next best thing is her book, along with Frances Pickering's some Lizzie Houghton wool tops & sari ribbon from

Stef Frances  I was very restrained ;)

Well I've given you one or 2 links to be going on with!


Anonymous said...

Marvelous tour of Bath....Looks charming those diggs of your eldest, love to see the inside! Nice peek from the windowthough. Sixty Two Group, lush and fantastic work from everyone there, love them....xox

Julie said...

Very interesting post Emma, thank you. I think I missed Louise Baldwin's piece at the K&S Show even though I went to the 62 Group stand. Those mixed media paintings from Bath look very interesting too. I was drawn to Val Holmes work too and watched her work for a while. It would be fabulous to go to her workshop!

mano said...

wonderful impressions of bath! a beautiful exhibition and great founds!
have a wonderful sunday and a creative week! :-) mano

ju-north said...

I'm exhausted! Thanks for the tour!

Anonymous said...

I so wish I'd known you were going to be so close to my home (23 miles) - I'd have loved to have met you for a coffee - luv Gilli x

Iz said...

Wow, you certainly packed a lot in! I love the rusty background to a lot of the photos, btw.

Jill said...

Still following up links on this and your previous post - i should think you have arrived home bursting with ideas - thanks for sharing.

Maggi said...

Great tour, thanks for sharing. I would love to go to one of Val Holmes' workshops too. I drooled over Lizzie Houghton's garments, so beautiful and stunning colours. Unfortunately my bank balance said and emphatic NO

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Emma so much to take in - love the Bath tour and those gorgeous costumes, shoes and bags and all the beautiful displays you have shown us of the most gorgeous work!
With thanks for sharing all of this!
x Suzy

Robin Mac said...

I'm just home and catching up - what fabulous posts - Bath is so beautiful and the museum is breathtaking, thanks for reminding me. You obviously had a fabulous time at Ally Pally. I would love to go there too, but the tyrrany of distance says no! I' commenting on this post, but I have looked at your latest post as well, your CD case sized art is inspiring. Cheeers

Downunderdale said...

Thanks Emma and for the photo - hope it is okay if I steal it as I agree - it's a good one and they rarely are! Those buttons are so lovely