Sunday, 19 August 2012

I'm Hung!

Consider yourself virtually invited to my third exhibition in 12 months!

We had a good day hanging our paintings & small hangings & I look forward to being in the same place for 6 days! Who know what fortunes I will receive this week but I know I've done my bit, I've enjoyed it & I'll enjoy sitting amongst  all our hard work. Thank you for all your kind wishes. My blog break was giving up something I really enjoy - isn't that always the way? -so that I could continue running around like a blue arsed fly chasing my life & finishing off things for the exhibition - I can hear the violins playing in sympathy! So, yes, one day I will have  quiet time, put my feet up, recharge, see my work flow naturally, enjoying the process & become day!

Meanwhile, look what I won! I got 2nd prize in Bois Fleurie's giveaway, look at the sweet face on the card & that hair, wonderful! The ribbons & wool on the left was a lovely extra, my colors exactly, too - so generous ;) thank you. Like her ? I love her! 

Above are 2 new pieces of work for the show, it's the first time blogger has laid my work down on their side! Tilt your head to the left, if you will ;) They are inspired by samples in my workbook, the top one  foxgloves & forgetmenots. I stitched my first bee, can you see her? She even has a little gold pollen stitched to her back legs. The bottom one is a loose interpretation of Clematis & Linarea. Good getting back to these.

the above 6 squares are the CD pieces from a while ago finally mounted up, pleased with them.

Below are (just) a few images from the Lochalsh Art Fair, I put one piece in this year, my large hanging at the end of this group.

Circles, another one on it's side - tilt right.

Encaustic wax, not sure if you can see the tiny strips of text

Lovely pieces, specially the carved seahorse

Oh dear, tilt left, lovely photo by Ken from my last post & some amazing carved cardboard crustations.

Circles in squares

& a lovely stitched fuchsia - I think she & I & the blue one at the bottom were the only stitchers.

A pretty watercolor with ink, tilt left

The one I chse for my best in show, top left if you tilt left!

Above, tilt right & that's mine bottom left. Some beautifully wrapped driftwood above mine.

Sorry for all the tilting!

We had a wonderful request to be witnesses to a German couple coming over here to get married - they stayed with us last year & lovely of them to want to come back. They wanted to marry on their own & hadn't realised they'd need witnesses & asked us to do them that favour. We said we'd be honored. She was very excited, as when her fiance suggested he hire a kilt but she had no dress she was recommended a charity shop down the road from where they were trying on their beautifully made wedding rings & she found one for ........I don't think she'd mind me telling you....£50

Look at it!

What  a backdrop, the Cuillin hills - they won't believe it was real - I was more worried about midgies than rain, it was so nice.

 There were 3 beads just hanging by a thread, I sweated & toiled (only coz I was nervous) & stitched them back in - so hard to see white on white!

 We were invited to lunch at Kinloch Lodge, fabulous, a perfect setting ( we could hardly go to the bar down the road!) Below, the view from the hotel.

 Oh, how frustrating! tilt left for his buttonhole

& tilt right for the blushing bride & her bouquet. I couldn't resist making it for her, from 'just witnesses' we became  friends, I was practically her bridesmaid! Truly, a fabulous day.

Wish me luck for next week!

Here's some info from Etsy, below that I was asked to share with you all. Hopefully it will inspire me to fill my Etsy shop , empty till after the exhibition ;)
edit, sorry, forgot this info!
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sue said...

When I saw the title of your post I was tempted to comment "... said the Bishop to the actress". The wedding looks marvelous - so lovely to be involved like that. Big congrats on the show - I am sure it will be a mad success! x sue
ps thanks for the invite!

Nellie said...

Definitely wishing you well, Emma! How special to be part of a wedding! The couple looks lovely!

mano said...

what a beautiful wedding!!
I love your new pieces very much - they are really amazing.
and I wish you all the best for your exhibiton, I'm sure it will be successful!
:-) mano

Heloise said...

Hope that you enjoy your six days in one place and have lots of visitors who wish to take away yours and David's work.

Beautiful wedding, they will have so many wonderful memories.

ArtPropelled said...

All the best for your show Emma! I did enjoy reading about the wedding. Stress free?

Jill said...

I don't know where to start - apart from the crick in the neck ( ; Your exhibition looks great - all that hard work was worth it. And what about that wedding - so glad they had to have witnesses, it would be so sad if no one had seen such a beautiful couple. You certainly waved your magic wand over their day.

Maggi said...

Just when my sore neck from FOQ was starting to recover as wel:/ Wonderful news about your show, I do hope it goes well. Beautiful wedding photos.

Julie said...

I am now a nodding dog. Good luck with the show, the work all looks wonderful and I especially like your new pieces, not to mention the bee. How lucky was the bride finding that beautiful dress? And your bouquet is gorgoeus. They look like a setting from a magazine. Enjoy the show!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely show. I like the pop of pinks in your new pieces. What a wedding dress on that bride, oh the beadwork was delis. Put your feet up!!! xox

Peneller said...

I do hope your exhibition goes well Emma. Your work is so lovely and I wish I could be there. Lovely wedding photos, but what got me drooling was the view of the Cuillins. Perhaps next year....

Robin Mac said...

Blogger sure made us work hard to see all that wonderful work! Great stuff, I hope your show goes really well. I can't imagine you ever sitting still in one place for very long.

What a lovely wedding and in such a lovely setting. I shall have to drag out all my photo to remind me again of our short visit there. Cheers

Linda Vincent said...

Oh Emma...those wedding photos are SO beautiful!! Did you take them? If so, I think you should take it up professionally!
Good luck with the exhibition; hope it goes really well for you both.
Your fabric collages are FABulous.

Linda Vincent said...

PS Can you give me a link to view the etsy page in full please?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful upbeat post - the wedding story was such a lovely one and they looked gorgeous. It must have been so special to have been part of that! Love your new pieces, whichever way up they are!

layers said...

my goodness you have so many different images and news items in your post... congrats on your show.. hope all went well... beautiful wedding photos..

embryo testing said...

Wow! Those are very stunning creations. I love your work. They're so beautiful.