Saturday, 21 July 2012

Part 2 of the trip

Thanks for all the lovely wishes. I don't know where the week has gone & I haven't got back to everybody yet, but get back I will!

 So here are the rest of the pics from our trip out to Inverie for our celebration lunch. I'm warning you, it's picture heavy - I used the alphabet to 'number' this weeks pics & had to use z twice ;)

 From Mallaig on the mainland we took the lifeline ferry - above is heading into Loch Nevis

 a gannet, they just won't come closer!

 people think I'm remote - this is remote!

 A statue of Our Lady


 Looking back one we'd arrived - you can just see the ferry i the gap

 local kids work

 the 'assemblage' outside the resteraunt

 First we went for a walk - didn't expect to see a peacock!

 Inverie at Knoydart is only accessible by boat - if you were to walk in from Mallaig to the right or Corran (I think from the left it would take at least 2 days (if you were fit!) coz of the length of the lochs. So all the cars here have been landcrafted in. 75 % of them are landrovers we I mean he counted at least 23 ;) We felt right at home.

 We walked along the road to the Kilchoan Estate - you were allowed to walk along the river & admire the fabulous selection of deer.

 saying hello ;)

 Here's the distance we were away from the deer

What a stunning place

 sweet highland cattle

 getting a little close to me!

 an ancient cross in an enclosed graveyard. I've no links for these lovely things, this & the mother & child statue, how it got there etc,  I'd be here all night, sorry!

 boisterous horses behind a fence ;)

 walking a little bit above Inverie - i was ready for my lunch!

 Leaving, you go all the way down the lock & back again, not just for  jolly but to deliver people to walk away & collect people who've walked in. Also to deliver or collect packages.

 Heading further left we've got to get thru the Kyles, a
narrow space at the end of that sandbar.
glancing right to Cameron MacIntosh's rebuilt pile - it had been burnt down, he's the play write

 nearly at the end of the lock looking at Sgurr na Key (phonetic spelling, sorry)

 Heading back with the Cuillin range  on Skye just visible.

 Back at the port - how could I resist these gulls bottoms?!

A fabulous day, thanks for watching!


Unknown said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Especially the Highland cattle. Believe it or not, I once owned several. Was partners in a breeding venture here in West Virginia. They are the most beautiful cattle and sweet natured. Low cholesterol beef, also, although we cross-bred to Herefords for beef.

Suztats said...

Nice to see how you celebrated your day. No pic of lunch to drool over, though. Bet it was tasty. Was there cake?

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Fabulous, what a gorgeous place! x

Kim Henkel Creations said...

Thank you for sharing pictures from your beautiful part of the world. So very gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful day! and of course Congratulations to you!

ju-north said...

No better way to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Looks grand, gorgeous views and happy critters abound not to mention some cool art! xox

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, Em. Glad you had a lovely day.

Robin Mac said...

Fabulous photos, so glad you had such good weather for the celebration. Thanks for sharing. Cheers

Carole Reid said...

So lush and green. Happy day to you!

Maggi said...

Lovely. You should volunteer to write a tourist brochure. Very brave re the Highland cattle, I have heard that, although they look cuddly, they can be quite aggressive.

Jill said...

Stunning landscape, love the one of the Kyles, what a place to live!!

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos - when the West of Scotland does sunny, it really is gorgeous, isn't it? And your pictures really evoke that so beautifully. :o)

Linda Stokes said...

What a gorgeous place - thanks for sharing!

mano said...

I wished I could be there! so beautiful!!

Linda Vincent said...

All in one day!!? Oh my goodness...
Lovely photos Emma; I especially like the one of you and the cattle :-)

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Wonderful photos Emma! This is a place I have always wanted to go. One of our neighbours highland cows was sent there a few years ago so maybe you met him! Many congratulations on your Anniversary xx

Unknown said...

What a great way to celebrate. The view and the sights you've visited are majestic. Its the place to be. No doubt about that.
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quality website design said...

You really have a fun vacation. Nice photos you got there. The places are so so beautiful and so serene. Thanks for sharing this one.

waikiki hotel said...

It's so nice seeing you celebrating your day. Nice one. Keep taking beautiful photos dear.

embryo testing said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. Indeed, boisterous horses they are lol. Also the peacock and the deer, they're everywhere. Glad you posted this one.