Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Successful Workshop

Even if I say so myself! Had a wondeful time with 11 members of the Skye Quilters group, most of whom came to get out of their comfort zone & free themselves up a bit. I know this because they said things like "this is the kind of thing I'd never think of doing" or "I'm really out of my comfort zone" & "this is much better than I thought it would be" Well, I can't ask for better than that. Before I show you their work I'll put up a pic of what I did - I didn't think I'd be able to get much done so I'd decided to make a small square, 6" 1/2,  which will sit nicely on a cushion cover.

cushion cover clematis

 Jenny's peonies

 Becky's bluebells

 Ann's tulips

 Shirley's spikey blueflower

 Lin's sweet peas

 Janet's hand stitch

 Peta's lysmachia

 Liz's spring meadow

 Irene C's lillies

 Barbara's geraniums

 Irene O's pink flowers

All the work together

 a little inspiration pack of ripped strips

 an inspiration table

The view on the way home

a classic

I did a craft fair yesterday & even tho it was a lovley if breezy day there was hardly anybody about. So breezy in fact that just as we'd decided to pack up early the 3 sided marquee blew away, I mean right across the green. The 'feet' must have glanced over my hand leaving  small bruises below my thumb & on my wrist - no lasting damage, a bit stiff today but wow, could have knocked me out! I felt a bit shaky & packed up in 3 seconds flat! 

The one thing that must have blown away was a little piece I'd been stitching for a card for the DH.......30 years together yesterday.   I mean, 30 years since our first kiss & never a glance in another direction! I could get quite emotional here ;)

Note the 'pearl' buttons (only one caught the light) Anyway, I stitched another one, maybe the other will turn up.

the DH's card to me - does this mean he wants all those 30 years again????


Nellie said...

Congratulations, Emma, on that 30 years! That is an excellent example of true devotion to one another!
Also, the work is just lovely! I have not ever tried anything with quilting, and I am quite amazed at the results of others' efforts.
Enjoy your week-end!

Julie said...

Aaaaaah! Congratulations on your 30 years together. Your workshop was inspirational, wonderful work by your students :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 30 years together, wow, good for you. Sorry you lost your bit for hubby. Nice workshop you gave. I would have enjoyed playing with fibers with you very much! Too bad about the banner. xox

ju-north said...

Congrats on your anniversary and a successful workshop! You certainly inspired the ladies!

Suztats said...

30 Years! Congratulations, Emma to you and your DH! Wishing you many more happy years together.
so happy your workshop was such a success!

Cate Rose said...

Great stuff, Emma. And congrats on your 30th! xo

Beverley Baird said...

Wow - what a great workshop it must have been! The work is lovely!
Hope your hand is better - pretty scary when weather goes crazy like that!

sue said...

Fantastic creations and I bet everyone has gone home really fired up! 30 years - a great milestone and your hubbies card is sweetly romantic - lucky you!

Robin Mac said...

What a wonderfully creative workshop, obviously you all had heaps of fun. Congrats on your 30 years together anniversary - that is an achievement (which I must admit we passed over 14 years ago now).
I can sympathise with you over the marquee blowing away - we had to hang on like mad this morning to stop ours doing the same thing!

Peneller said...

What a super workshop. I wish I could have been there! Congratulations on reaching your pearl anniverary! We're off to Cornwall next week to help my sister and BIL celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary. You never know, you and Dave might just get there too!

ArtPropelled said...

Congrats on 30 years together! I enjoy your handmade cards on every special occasion. Looking at all your students work it is evident that your workshop was a success. I bet you had fun too!

Sarah Sequins said...

What beautiful work you and your students did! The class sounds like it was so much fun and so inspiring.

Congratulations on 30 years, Emma! Here's to 30 more. <3

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on 30 years! my parent will have been together for 30 years next year! It's so lovely to know that people have been together for so long.
And wow, what beautiful work you have done, are they called fabric collages? They looks so lovely and colourful! - Becky Xx

Iz said...

Congratulations on a successful workshop, and on 30 years - we celebrated our first 21 years together on May 18 as well!

Linda Vincent said...

You must feel really proud of what you (and your ladies) achieved! A great success I'd say!

Thank goodness you're all in one piece after the marquee incident.....

Jan said...

Wow what a wonderful lot of inspired work your students created! I am especially taken by Janet's muted colored one. Congratulations to you and DH on 30 great years together so far. I'm sure the best is yet to come.

sweetypie said...

I really love those pieces, wish Id been there, and hey!!!! 30 years last week for us too..

Anonymous said...

What wonderful responses to your inspiration! I hope you enjoyed getting the ladies to those results as much as they did and congratulations on 30 years together!!

My Creative House said...

Emma your clematis are so beautifully made and perfect for a cushion cover, your students work are fantastic, I'm sure you are a great and inspiring teacher, have a nice weekend.
Hugs Anni

jackie said...

Your craft fair sounds much more exciting than they usually are! It lovely to have a workshop where people are thrilled to try new things;I'm sure you enjoyed their response.
Thanks for your comments.