Friday, 25 November 2011

Thanks giving

I've been doing a little of my own thanks giving this week, after all I did celebrate it as a child in Princeton NJ. Being on the constant quest to find 'the perfect balance' in life & despite the list of 50 things to do for the craft fair I took the dog for a walk on Friday inbetween the sleet showers. We woke up to thunder & lightening, quite dramatic still snuggled under the duvet & dark outside. When light eventually came it was that warm yellow gold light of sun filtered thru snow clouds.

more crazy fabric

By mid afternoon  the snow was on the hills down to 1 1/2 -2000 feet & just a little breezy so I put on 2 coats, 2 scarves & a wooly hat (nobody could see me ;) I start off most walks thinking it's just for the dog's benefit but every time I'm out there I realise it's so good for me. I know it's obvious but with your head down doing stuff you love  (or rushing around doing stuff you don't ;(  it's easy to forget to look up sometimes! I sat on a rock gazing at Ben Sgritheall (screel) in the eerie light, listening toTam hurtling thru the purple birch wood, sleet clouds to the left,  blue sky over my head, with horizontal rain coming in.

 made some hearts out of it

 I've been here in this house 11 years next month (12 1/2 on Skye) & I've never seen a rainbow falling down the front of the mountain. If you took a photo you wouldn't believe it yourself. If I hadn't gone out I wouldn't have seen it.

 a tiny fern plant emerged in these dark days so to preserve it's memory I took a print & made more cards

I've also done some sorting on the explosion of magazines front - on  coffee breaks from intense stitching I'm flicking thru just in case there's something I've missed - imagine picking up a pile of old mags & just recycling them...couldn't do it!


I read about lots of intrepid rural women, doing the things they love ( I've 'written' many an imaginary article about myself, my little secret!) & making it work (or not?) with determination & hard work & I realise that I am, really, living the dream; how lucky am I?

more notebooks
Zoffany fabric - speaks for itself. I'm not a designer lover but when I worked in a Curtan Exchange when my lads were toddlers i fell in love with some wonderful curtain/upholstry fabrics, some like tapestries, wonderful.

Wasn't so lucky with the weather on Saturday for my craft fair - 85 m winds but I'm amazed anyone came & even tho I'd hoped for a big weeks shop worth of takings I at least got a small weeks shop worth. Still lucky, I guess.

My hearts went well!


Numinosity said...

Lovely pieces and ruminations on your walk. You really took me there with this post. I didn't realize that you lived n the US for a time. Thanks for the Thanksgiving share. The spirit of the holiday certainly is a good one.
I love seeing what you're up to Emma, I'm about to get back into the groove after the seasonal move south and finally trying to settle in again. Only for a month though and then we're off to India for the new year.
xoxo Kim

Laura said...

Your art is more beautiful every time I stop by Emma. I didn't know you grew up in New Jersey!

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Emma Thank you for all the lovely comments you have been leaving lately on my blog - it is so appreciated! Please come over again and put your name in my giveaway!
I love your little hearts from the crazy quilting and the notebook covers all looking so happy in their bright colours.
To be able to create the things you so love is a true blessing!

My Creative House said...

Emma your new creations are all very beautiful, love the way you use your scrap on, the print of tiny fern is really great.

Anonymous said...

The hearts are making me swoon, love this Emma, fab. xox Corrine

Robin Mac said...

Sorry you didn't have a 'big week's shop worth of takings' Your things are so beautiful, especially the hearts. You re very intrepid to venture out for walks in that weather! Cheers

Heloise said...

I too love the hearts. Hope the weather calms down. Keep enjoying your walks.

Beverley Baird said...

I love your hearts! Would have loved to have seen that rainbow. Hopefully the next show you have will go really well. Weather can sure effect so many things.
Thanks so much for stopping by. My hubby is in one more night, but he should be home tomorrow.

Carole Reid said...

Too bad about the wind and nasty weather. Everyone missed seeing your beautiful creations. The fern prints and the hearts are really sweet. Your crazy fabric is so cheerful. I'd love to say I lived on Isle of Skye, it's on my bucket list to visit for a few months just to say I did!

jan said...

Love all these, especially your hearts and your crazy fabric and notebooks.

Iz said...

Hi Emma! I don't know how I missed this post so apols for being late with a comment. Wow, you live in a beautiful place - I dream of living in the north, on an island, on the edge of a wilderness. The weather sounds dire, but what a place to find yourself in when you look up and see the mountains - and rainbows! Just love the crazy fabric and the hearts you made from it. And the fern print...