Sunday, 19 June 2011

I love my blog buddies!

Particularly when I get such lovely get well messages, tips & tricks for creativity & advice on the sex life of a courgette plant, I'm grateful for it all ;) I'm much better, thanks!

Had a good few days with an old school friend of the DH - he was our best man & one of ours is his godson & one of theirs is my goddaughter, & she came too, just to see where it's all happening! Went for a drive round the 'loop' road which takes you across the peninsula & stopped fro a walk to Dunscaith castle...that was.

See them up there? There's a bridge over that arch on the right, only there's only a foot wide ledge now & I didn't breath once while they were crossing over !

Had a 3 hr slot with a small crafty table at a cancer charity fundraiser at a more solid castle, Duncraig Castle over at Plockton on the mainland. There was a fab documentary a while ago about 17 members of one family who lived there.

That poor piper, midged alive & sodden, after such a beautiful morning too! So the best part of it , other than sitting looking at a wonderful lawn & peaceful trees was the bottom of this fishbox, part of the new Kyle Deli on a stall next to me.

I made 3 small collage, about 4x8" for the little event - you'll be fed up looking at this color scheme! But while I've got all the fabrics out.... ;) These collage for a 'collage a week' really belong to the book making weeks so I'll have to catch up with some extras, & anyway, September is looming!

A couple of weeks ago Suztats (blog roll) sent me some lovely cards, really generous, & fitting that she should have won one of the little books I made for the giveaway - good to be able to 'pay back' naturally ;) One for an 'old' blog buddy & one for a 'new' blog friend. Just lovely.

Happy Father's Day. I'm lucky to still have mine - to those who don't, happy memories.


mano said...

wonderful landscape and castel pictures and fantastic collages! It must be great to see both in real life!
have a good week, grüße von mano

Catharina Maria said...

What a wonderful photos from a great landscape.
My hearts says boem,boem , i love that so much .
love also the collages .
Love from ♥RINI♥

Anonymous said...

Glad you are out and about and enjoying what looks like lovely weather. I would be holding my breath too, seeing them up on that ledge...don't like exposed heights either. Good to see the long horned cattle, we have a couple round the corner from us on a farm, great woolen wonders they. Lovely small pieces, your work is really showing your creative spirit bursting forth. xox Corrime

Suztats said...

Looks like a lovely day, Emma, and a nice walk, though I wouldn't be up on the heights, either. I like the color combos of your pieces, and look forward to receiving your little book once the mail strike is over. Have a good week.

Jill said...

What a breath taking part of the world you live in - despite the midges. Glad you're feeling better too. Love the work and the nice spot of the distressed paint work on the bottom of the fish box - did they think you were mad photographing it?

Maggi said...

Beautiful photos and love the collages. Definitely wouldn't get on with the midges though. Glad you are feeling well enough to get out and about.

artymess said...

been so behind with blogging .sorry to hear you have been unwell ....hope you are all better now ...xx

Lynda Howells said...

Love your work and your photo's look great. Are you feeling better?x lynda

Laura said...

glad you are feeling better Emma...sorry I've not been around in a while. Love your collages, and the photos of the countryside and castle. How I'd enjoy visiting your fair isle some day!

ooh the best word verification today: soulinc! Doesn't blogging feel that ways sometimes? Like soul-links?

Linda Vincent said...

What gorgeous bright photos Emma...especially the top one (everyone should click on it!)
Great always :-) Def not fed up with the colour schemes.

Kim Dellow said...

Beautiful collages. Love your stitching. Kim

Heloise said...

Beautiful photographs. Why give up on such a great colour combination. The collages look great.

Glad that you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I do feel for the midged piper. Midges (and the weals they raise on me) are my overwhelming memory of holidays in Western Scotland as a child!
Love the little textured fragments at the end of the post.

layers said...

so much in one blog post.. a lovely family visit, a spectacular old castle and beautiful collage work.. well done.

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, such beautiful pretties, here! And I'm glad you feel better, and that you sound so happy! You are a giver!