Sunday, 6 March 2011

More seedheads

This week I've attempted the fennel seedhead. I've just cut the old stems down in the garden, wonderful for compost & a delicious smell of aniseed. I do love chewing on the seeds but I thInk the birds got most of them this year. Bright green fronds already emerging into the light.

I had a look at my squares from last March - I'd drawn a rather forshortened seedhead - see there on the 3rd row

scribbled a couple more & stitched one on  some greeney fabric & black velvet with lots of beeds

 I'm so inspired by Cas Holmes that I had to buy her book 'the found object in textile art' - I've looked at a few pages & just feel I've arrived.

I'm a little fed up of buying books site unseen - the price of living up here but one worth paying - so I decided to wait to buy it until Lesley &  I went on an expedition to Creative Stitches at the SECC in Glasgow, well worth the wait. We left at 7.30 am & got back at 9pm ish with 4 hours wandering around inbetween being heavily inspired. Inspiration overload but I'll try & compile a list of who most caught my attention there later.

Even tho Lesley shared the driving I'm pretty tired so I haven't finished the stitching yet, but I think I feel this little stitched collage is getting somewhere.

I also love the seedheads of Angie Lewin & just adore Caroline's. Such generous inspiration out there!


Anonymous said...

Love the fennel seed heads, they are so effective. The feathery fronds of mine are just starting to appear too.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

That stitched collage is LOVELY!
It has so much visual texture and depth~~and it definitely captures the essence of the fennel seed head.
Okay, slight pun intended!
Great work.


Julie said...

I love your stitched seed heads. I planted a fennel in the garden last year and it's shooting strongly now so I hope I get some good seedheads too this year.

Jill said...

I love your stitched seed head. The umbellifers are a favourite subject of mine. So many spices come from that family as well as a few more hostile species! The Cas Holmes book looks inspirational, it's on my list!
My fennel only lasted a year - must try again.

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Emma,

I love the inspiration you get from nature.
This book by Ces Holmes intrigues me. I may have to check it out!



ArtPropelled said...

Aahhh.... my favourite .....all your squares together. Creativity abounds! Enjoying the seedhead inspiration and I really like the sound of that book.

jan said...

Thanks for your comment Emma. I love all your squares together. I have just got Cas Holmes' book too its fab lots of inspiration. x

Anonymous said...

Really nice stitching Emma. Cas Holmes is quite amazing and I can see how you would feel at home with the work you already do. I so totally agree with you about books sight unseen. Nothing worse tha looking forward to getting really stuck in to a good book and have it not be at all what you thought. Love your fennel stitching on paper, has that ephemeral quality of a whisper on the wind. xox Corrine

artymess said...

oooh pretty seedhead Emma the squares....xx

Mail Art Dramas said...

the stitching. relly like the red and white seed pics on your last post

Gina said...

Hi Emma, I've just read you comment on Iz's blog and was amused... I'm only a normal little blog peep... honest! Love your work on the seedheads.

Heloise said...

Sounds as if you had a great day out. Enjoy the Cas Holmes book.
Beautiful stitched collage.

Lorraine said...

fennel seedheads are one of my fav your work here with them. Glad you liked my art videos..thanks very much for the comments

Christine said...

inspiration overload is so interesting, i often want to see and experience everything, but it becomes too much so fast. i'm glad i have my camera to record things i can take in later on. i'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip :)

thanks for visiting my new blogspace i finally have a couple of posts up. there are a few glitches ( like not being able to comment here with my wordpress link, but i'll figure it out as i go, thank again for the encouragement.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hi Emma. Gosh you went to the SECC and back the same day! No wonder you were exhausted! I got there at 10am and wandered till I could wander no more (4pm) I bought a fair few things but the thing I have used most is the thing I bought last which I nearly missed as I'd walked past the stand about four times without really looking!
Was great as always. I didn't buy any books this year though as I find i hardly get time to refer to the ones I have already.
Love that bottom picture : )

Unknown said...

The seedheads look fantastic, I love the how they look in nature and are always great in artwork! :) x

Anonymous said...

I love how you combine the cloth with the seedheads. And thanks for introducing me to Cas Holmes' work.


Helen Suzanne said...

lovely work!